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CloudOne to Provide Hourly Performance and Load Testing From the Cloud

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Bangalore: CloudOne, a company providing IBM Rational software-as-a-service has recently announced that it is expanding its hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) testing program to offer performance, load and stress tests available in hourly increments. Expanding its monthly offerings to include an hourly increment of consumption, could help test teams take advantage of executing tests on-demand in shorter, more flexible and affordable bursts of time.

CloudOne is collaborating with IBM software to provide a unique hourly performance offering designed for testing professionals who require periodic heavy load testing capabilities, but soon realize that hardware and licensing costs for typical peak load testing become very costly, even in monthly increments. This hourly approach enables users to execute essential large load testing to hasten the discovery of weaknesses in the application under test when needed, without the need to search for available resources or invest in additional hardware and bandwidth.

James Pietrocarlo, Vice President Business Development of CloudOne said, “CloudOne worked closely with our testing partners to determine the typical test execution scenarios for load and performance. We discovered that a typical run requirement could be as little as 4 to 8 hours of execution and this testing pattern needed a pricing model to support those peak test runs. By extending our current solutions to meet market demand, we enable clients to make the best use of their testing dollars and stress their applications without overpaying for rental time they may not be able to fully utilize.”

Blending the ability to stand up a testing environment on demand with the ability to provide virtually unlimited scalability, computing power and bandwidth, provides the market with a new level of testing flexibility and affordability.

Rob Lamb, vice president of sales, IBM Rational said, “This new offering from CloudOne will help address customer requests for more control and flexibility and improved cost structure in software testing.”

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