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Best Software Testing - 2012 Jolt Award Won by AgitarOne

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Agitar Technologies the most powerful testing solution provider has announced that its flagship product, AgitarOne, has been named a 2012 Jolt Award winner in the Testing Tools category by Dr. Dobb's.

For more than a decade, the Dobb’s Jolt Awards given away annually have showcased products that have "jolted" the industry with their significance and made the task of creating software faster, easier, and more efficient.

AgitarOne captured this year’s Jolt Award on the strength of its comprehensive Java Unit test automation technology.

AgitarOne has been a leader in the space with its ‘JUnit Generator’ and ‘Agitator’ components, and the recent addition of the Functional Coverage Tracker provides an added bonus to Java development teams tracking code coverage for functional testing of Java applications.

‘AgitarOne - JUnit Generator’ automatically writes up to 250,000 lines of JUnit code per hour, so developers can focus on developing and maintaining code instead of writing tests. ‘AgitarOne - Agitator’ boasts exclusive software agitation technology with which developers validate the expected behavior of their code and discover unexpected behaviors as the code is written. This software agitation, writes Dr. Dobb’s Contributing Editor and Jolt Judge Mike Riley is “probably the coolest and most effective feature I've seen in a JUnit test automation platform, and AgitarOne pulls it off effortlessly.”

“Agitar has been an aggressive player in unit test generation and management,” writes Riley, who adds “its new parent, McCabe Software, has taken the original, foundational product and made an excellent, polished, and very useful tool for sites that value complete, top-to-bottom unit testing.”

David Belhumeur, CEO of Agitar says “We are proud to receive the 2012 Jolt Award in the Testing Tools category.” He also added “AgitarOne has been honored with Jolt Awards in the past, and our current team is privileged to be recognized for their efforts in providing our customers with cost-effective solutions to their concerns.”

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