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All About Testing ERP Software

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Bangalore: The implementation of ERP software system involves changing some of the important complex business processes apart from involving a huge expenditure, time and effort. The success of this implementation depends on the co-operation of the employees in the organization. Before implementing ERP software, it has to be tested.

Terry Low on explains the types of testing for ERP and the need for extensive ERP testing.

Types of testing:

With regards to testing ERP software, there are different approaches.

1.    Performance Testing
Performance testing determines how the various components of a system will perform in a particular situation. It doesn’t aim at finding defects in the system, but it aims at establishing the benchmark behavior of an application.

2.    Functional Testing
The main intention when companies adopt ERP software is to obtain solutions to problems. Functional tests on ERP software will verify if the software will provide the expected solution.  

3.    Integration testing
Integration testing verifies if all the units work together as a single application. Through integration testing, one will be able to visualize how the software will fit into the ERP system. Under this type of test, testers will deploy the software in real organizational settings. The main aim is to see how well the software will fit into the organization and how the employees are using it.

4.    Automated Testing
This refers to the automation of the testing procedure. It promises faster and reliable testing. However, in most cases, the results of manual test will be compared with the results of automated tests to get a clear picture of the results.

Extensive ERP Testing, is it needed?
From the above description of the types of testing involved in ERP implementation we can come to a conclusion that testing is needed to verify if the software fits into the organization. It is only through testing that defects and bugs can be detected. If the ERP software has been tested it becomes easier for companies to find possible solutions for problems.

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