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9 Programmer Personalities You Might Have Dealt With

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Are you curious to know what sort of programmer personalities you will dealt with in your day to day life? Here are some of the personalities of a programmer you might have come across as quoted by PCWorld:
The Underdocumenter: The Underdocumenters understand the code easily. They find reading and writing the programming languages much easier than English. Underdocumenters will do anything to avoid being shackled by the foolish requirements of management to write text about functions. In order to save themselves from the risk of writing English, the cleverest Underdocumenters will even write their own code. Their favorite programming code will be Lambda.
The CYA Specialist: Documentation is a lucky charm for some programmers for warding off middle-management evil. These programmers write paragraphs about everyday routines like queryDatabase. If programmers are lucky then their CYA specialist will be a frustrated novelist who is very happy to inject a pun or two in to a boring heap of code. But the worst part will be when the one who lords the documentation over others during the review of the code. If any error occurs then the CYA Specialist says it was a limitation that was well-documented in the 17th paragraph of the method's comment. CYA Specialist'sfavorite programming code will be the 'Comment Block'.
The Future CIO: The Future CIO can write a code if they really have to write but their genre of choice will be a PowerPoint slide about UML documents. They are very keen and always seem ready to help, but if programmers try to push for more than a quick scan of a document then they will always resort to their favorite programming pattern i.e., delegation. About skill sets for the future CIO everything is an organizational an argument made up of sub-points. Their favorite programming construct will be UML.
The Old Guard: If any problem comes up, they will always say that "We have already solved that years ago with Multics" or some other long-dead pile of code. They very often recall of the days when there were one/ two errors only, this is because the whole program was just a few bytes long. They are very good in toggling their code in less time when compared to booting, going through all the startup code & virus checks. Their favorite programming construct is JZ EQU.
The Faker: The fakers got through college devouring open source codes & flirting with the competent TAs. In order to make sure that no one should notice the bugs in their code in the group projects, they showed up with cookies or beer. Now, they have turned that type of degree into a real job with responsibilities. They are very smart in recognizing that a bit of smiling & political savvy will keep their winning streak running. Their favorite programming construct will be DLL.
The Multitasker: The multitaskers are more than happy to work on several projects simultaneously. The biggest problem here is before completing the backlogs keeping the Multitasker from volunteering for more projects. Their favorite programming construct will be interrupt.
The Hand-Coder: The best Hand-Coders will actually deliver the performance boosts they have promised, but all of a sudden they will triple the development time for a modest gain of 2 to 3 percent. Their favorite programming construct will be Compiler.
The Agilist: The most dedicated Agilists like to hold reviews of code where they will get the whole department in the room to write the code again. Their favorite programming construct will be refactoring.
The Paranoid: When you are under attack or something the Paranoid is very useful, but they very often fail to stand down the rest of the time. Their favorite programming construct will be AES.

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