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6 Common Software Testing Myths

By SiliconIndia   |     |    3 Comments
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Bangalore: The launch of any technology is always accompanied by a sense of insecurity. For those who are ignorant of the benefits of a new technology may fear that it can have a negative impact on them and the organization as a whole. Today, there are myths for almost everything and Software testing is also not spared.

Let us take a look at the top 6 myths that plagues the software testing industry.

1.    Software testing is all about Debugging.
People outside the testing domain often think that software testing is all about debugging. However, it must be remembered that software testing identifies the strengths and limitations of an application as well as identifying the errors as mentioned by Arunkumar Khannur on

2.    Software Testing is Expensive
Software testing being too costly is the biggest myth in the industry. But if the application is not tested before being released it can have or cause problems that can cost the organization a hefty amount.

3.    After testing, an application is free from bugs
It must always be remembered that software testing doesn’t ensure a 100 percent bug free application. Many project managers and clients believe that once an application has undergone testing, it is free from bugs and defects.

4.    Machines will replace human testers
Many still think that machines will one day make human testers obsolete. However, it should always be remembered that a tester is required to choose the right tool for the project as well to analyze the results. Thus, machines will never replace a human tester but they will simplify the tasks of a tester.

5.    Testing is done only after development
Another common myth is that testing is done only after coding. However, this is not true. In many firms, software testing is done right from the beginning of the development phase to not only detect the errors and bugs but also prevent them from affecting the other development phases.

6.    Good Coding will make software testing unnecessary
Apart from verifying if the application will work as expected, software testing also benchmark the software and identifies the various limitations. Although good coding is important, however it will not make software testing unnecessary.

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Reader's comments(3)
1: Excellent blog @siliconindia
Absolutely true,
yes there are many peoples who still have these myths in their minds.
Here are some myths related to usability testing.
ThinkSys Inc
Posted by:kvsc - 07 Dec, 2015
2: But i think one more thing you have left
some bigges I don't want to write their name here think that testing is not needed because the time we will spend on testing, we will find millions of user for the product.
But after going through many blow by user for their product many of them has included testing in their product lifecycle and many of the company believes that testing is not needed for their product are writing apology letter to their user and promising that they will bring a better solution of the bugs that they have not dealt in the current version of the product, by doing this they want to keep their user associated with them and but spoiling their own market by recommanding the product of competitor to ease the exaggeration of user.
Due to this though they are loosing the market even after winning the heart of user by special feature of their product.
Posted by:Dwarika - 24 Nov, 2012
3: Very True. I understand and believe that still many people have these myths in their minds. I have come across many testers, QA leads and Managers who only believes in Automation (point number 4) and thinks that's only gives or identifies all the bugs in the application.
Very helpful article.
Posted by:V V Sangalekar - 21 Nov, 2012
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