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5 Trends Influencing Testing

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Bangalore: Software testing aims at detecting and fixing the issues that occur during software deployment. This is a major pillar of the software development process. Rex Black Consulting Services charted the five chief trends that are heavily affecting testing.

1. Globalization: Hardware outsourcing became big in the early 90s, about 10 years before software outsourcing. Now as companies gain practice with outsourcing and the costs for communication fall, every organization will seek to pursue low-cost labour which is the reason why testing opportunities are increasing in India.

2. Test automation: Due to the availability of many automated testing tools, automation has grown beyond regression testing at the Graphical User Interface to API and CLI which are the interfaces in which automation is currently the trend.

3. Commoditization: Testing is increasingly being seen as a commodity, as the common view is that the testing services lack qualitative differentiation and the smart choice would be to pick the cheapest testing option. Testers need to understand this trend. Testing is not a commodity. Testing Services can expect an increased emphasis on quality and interoperability.

4. Compliance, Regulation and Tort Law: Every company must always have a clear stand on Industry standards, legal regulations and changing liability standards. Risks associated with non-compliance and regulatory violations are growing. You need to make sure that your company isn’t sued or barred from the market. Testing is obviously a risk mitigating strategy but security ought to be on the agenda as well.

5. Education and Certification: Any company will pick a skilled tester who has higher qualifications than his counterparts. Education options in testing domain are varied. A tester needs to stay competitive. Since certification is sweeping the software and systems engineering field, it wouldn’t hurt to get certified. Certification programs establish the essentials of the topic that all competent practitioners must know.

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Reader's comments(1)
1: Well Nice post. I would like to share something more on this with you all.

"These are the following top 5 trends which played a vital role in market for Software Testing in 2012-2012:
1) Mobile Application Testing: According to predictions, Smartphone is projected to reach over 500 million shipments by 2014. Thus, the need of testing for these applications increase to make customer experience stand out.
2) Crowd Sourced Testing: One of the emerging trends in software testing benefited from global talent and diverse set of skills. Crowd sourcing could give rigid competition to traditional outsourcing.
3) Cross Cloud Testing: The concept of providing services by cloud is already on boom, enterprises are competing to provide services through private, public and hybrid cloud.
4) Testing-as-a-Service: Low costs, on demand, outsourced test execution are the unique feature of TaaS. With TaaS, organizations experience a radical curtail in infrastructure overheads, instant access to a range of testing scenario & competency.
5) Test Data Generation and Management: Exposure of confidential data to developer /testers can lead to misuse of it; to overcome the data breach ‘Test data generation and management’ tools ensure the availability of filtered and small version of database which can replicate the content of large database."
Posted by:QAThoughtleaders - 20 Sep, 2012
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