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5 Tips to Enhance Mobile Testing

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Bangalore: In the recent years, there has been an immense growth in mobile technology. Handsets with various features are flooding the mobile market and the number of mobile is increasing day by day. Gartner in one of their recent surveys reported that for the first quarter of the year, Samsung’s Android based smartphone sales accounted to 40% of the total android sale worldwide and it has become the No. 1 vendor in the smartphone arena.

The growth in mobile devices posed a stiff competition among mobile developers to deliver the best. To be a competitor in the market, developers need to produce the best quality apps. Voke's Market Mover Array Report says an explosion of mobile testing companies is a "clear indicator of the enterprise's need to deliver quality software to a plethora of mobile devices."

Paul Fratellone provided few tips to keep in mind when testing mobile apps.

1.    Goals, Objectives and Quality Dimensions
Fratellone in his article advised testers to understand what the end users want. They also need to achieve the objectives as set forth by their clients. While testing, they should also keep in mind the various dimensions of testing such as usability, performance, etc. to ensure a good user experience.

2.    Quantify the Test Effort & Duration
He also advised testers to quantify the various efforts needed to deliver robust testing. The efforts includes test strategies, design and planning, the methods and techniques, analysis and reporting. This would not only ensure that the product is reliable but also to reduce the delivery time.

3.    Risk Based Testing
Testers may come across certain risks while testing on any product. Fratellone strongly suggests that in order for a tester to identify and reduce the occurrence of the risks, they would need to use Risk Based testing approach.

4.    User Profiling
By understanding the utilization patterns of the user, the tester will be able to identify the most traversed path of the user. Once identified, he would be able to test the most important path before he can tests the less important ones.

5.    Test Tools
The testing tools should be updated once any upgrades or enhancements are available. Using simulators and emulators will give real world situation to the tester.  

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