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5 Reasons Why You Need a Test Center in Your IT Company

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Bangalore: Every organization should start having its own testing center. A Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) brings value in software testing and quality assurance which is recognized by most of the business enterprises. Testers are engaged in proper testing methods (TCoE) to ensure that testing is handled properly and seriously. TCoE indirectly helps the organizations with answer to questions on product development and implementation in support of the constructed product. This practice also assists an organization to observe whether the product meets the particular requirements or not.
James Alevizos, VP, Test Centre of Excellence, Sogeti UK wrote on about how beneficial they find the TCoE in maximizing the IT resources and practice the best tools and methods to keep themselves update with the business demands.

Some of the benefits of having a TCoE in an organization are-

1. Produce better products faster: One of the primary reasons for having a TCoE implemented in the organization is that it takes less time to release a product in the market. In this competitive market of software, everyone is busy producing better products faster and bringing it out to market. So having a test center within the compound will help maintain a competition.

2. Cost cutting: Integrating the testing tools and resources can help in reducing the redundancy and lead to cost saving in resource utilization, software setup, maintenance costs and software procurement.

3. Quality Improvement: This is one of the important benefits of having a test center because it enhances the reputation of an organization. TCoE helps in delivering improvements in quality of application software, visibility of QA processes, reduces the risk of failure and enables a good customer experience.

4. Maximizing talent:  Assigning people to work outside their work station can cause talent to diminish. So having a TCoE can help retain the talent and use the available in-house capabilities and knowledge. This also increases the job opportunities and provides new career opportunities.

5. Industrialization: In response to market pressures many organizations are turning to TCoEs to strengthen the quality assurance. That’s because testing centers use standardized testing methods, automation, testing tools and they get the best practices to establish the project based training into a standard process.

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