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5 Popular Tools to Test Mobile Websites

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Bangalore: The increasing number of people using mobile communication devices to do things that they usually do on their desktop computers are posing many challenges not only to the website promoters but also to the testers. The major challenge they face is whether the website is compatible with a mobile device.

Sig Ueland on highlighted the top tools to test mobile websites. Take a look at some of the tools.

1.    Gomez Mobile Readiness Test
The Gomez Mobile Readiness Test assesses the website performance on a mobile phone. Based on an in depth analysis of the best practices in mobile web development, the test can provide a performance score of the website out of 100. Although, the test is free of cost, however, you would only need to submit your contact information to proceed further.

2.    MobiReady
Using industry’s best practices and standards like the W3C Compliance, the MobiReady testing tool assesses the site’s mobile readiness. The tool is free to use and it can find out the performance of the website on a mobile phone. It gives a rating of the website on a scale of 1 to 5.

3.    CrossBrowser Testing
With the CrossBrowser Testing tool, a tester can functional test a website on more than 130 browsers which runs across 25 operating systems which also includes mobile operating systems such as the iOS, Android, BlackBerry. It provides a user with screenshots of the website and plans starts at $29.95 per month for the Basic pack, while $49.95 for the Professional Pack and $199.95 for Business pack.

4.    Perfecto Mobile
The MobileCloud platform from Perfecto Mobile is a web – based SaaS which doesn’t require client installation. It enables testers as well as developers to access mobile handsets and tablets which are connected to mobile networks and which are located in different locations. With the MobileCloud platform, a tester can monitor processes, perform more tests on each handset and ensure optimal compatibility of the website ot service on handsets. The platform is priced at $25 per hour per project while the monthly plan starts at $15 per hour.

5.    DeviceAnywhere
DeviceAnywhere tool from Keynote systems spot checks the web content in mobile devices. Using the DeviceAnywhere, one can see how the content in the website looks like in different mobile. This is possible as it can interact remotely with mobile devices in real time. The DeviceAnywhere spot – checking tool is free, however, the interactive testing starts at $100 per month.

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