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5 Popular Open Source Test Management Tools

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Bangalore: As a substitute to the multiple applications that have been designed to manage either one or two steps of the testing process, QA teams are now dependent on the various test management tools. These tools allow testers to combine and to structure the testing process with only a single tool.

Shreya Jain on highlighted the top open source test management tools. Take a look at some of them.

1.    Jite
The Jite test management tool from Prisma SW Solutions allows testers to write as well as run tests for any application or devices before releasing it. Some of its features include:
a.    Project Management
b.    Management divisions
c.    Creating and updating of test
d.    Defining the level of a test
e.    Mapping the links between test and functions
f.    Integration with Jira and others

2.    qaManager
The qaManager tool is platform independent and with its easy to install procedures, it allows QA professionals to manage projects effectively. Some of its important features include:
a.    Tracking Engineering Releases
b.    Tracking QA/Customer Releases
c.    Keep a Track of Testing Cycles
d.    Online test case management
e.    Manage and Track Resource Allocations
f.    Maintain resource and customer details and others

3.    QaTraq Professional
This tool not only helps QA professionals to increase their productivity but also to increase the visibility of the progress of the test and this in turn improves the quality of the application. Thus, making it one of the leading test case management tools available today.

4.    Tesly
The Tesly test management tool allows QA mangers to track the progress of the testing process. This is possible as testers use a common interface to report completion of test cases. Some of its features include creation and edition of test plans, executing test plans, results tracking and others.

5.    XQual Studio
The XQual Studio can handle the entire testing lifecycle from users’ requirement to test reports and test campaigns. It is also a powerful yet an easy-to-use bug-tracking database. The tool supports automated as well as manual test executions.

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Reader's comments(5)
1: Which are the best tools for the manual testing &easy to understand?
Posted by:Poonam - 24 Apr, 2018
2: Hello buddy,

Test management is the designation assigned to the process of managing the resources, materials, and artifacts connected with testing a product or system under development.

Excellent test management depends on implementing and executing a consistent accurately thought out the whole process.

According to me, these are the best test managment tool:

Mozilla Testopia
Test Case Web

With an effective test management process in place, a development team can be confident in delivering high-quality product releases to customers and clients.

Posted by:alishahenderson - 31 Jan, 2018
3: Thank you, John Bakiko, for mentioning of EasyQA Test Management Tool. But it is not an open source product. We propose many great features for manual testing and our tool has a great referral program, so any user can get 100% discount promo code. More info here
Posted by:Yana Gusti - 25 Aug, 2017
4: Wanted to share my own experience in using one of test management tools, which, as I think, could fit in this list too. I`ve used for a while a great newcomer called EasyQA which seemed like good and quite interesting tool with a really decent functionality and tremendously smooth UX. And, of course, EasyQA is opensource! Hope you`ll have a glance at it and, probably, will consider including it in another iteration of this great topic.
Posted by:John Bakiko - 09 Feb, 2017
5: Very Helpful open source test management tools,
Here is another useful and easy to use new open source test automation tool named 'Krypton' developed by ThinkSys Inc.
Visit for demo version.
Posted by:kvsc - 07 Dec, 2015
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