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5 Important Principles of Rapid Software Testing

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Bangalore: Rapid software testing is a general testing methodology and can be adapted to any projects or products to conduct tests quickly and inexpensively with exceptional results.  

Here are some of the premises of rapid software testing provided by Michael Bolton on

1.    Software projects and products are relationships between people, who are creatures both of emotion and rational thought
Human aspects dominate the software development life cycle. The quality of a product may not matter to one person but will matter to the others. Therefore, it must be remembered that the quality of the product is the relationship between a product and the people who will use it. It is not just an attribute that can be separated from a human framework.

2.    Each project occurs under conditions of uncertainty and time pressure
Software projects come with some amount of urgency, complexity or volatility. Although, developers and testers are eager to solve the problems, they tend to do a lot more than they can do with the resources they are provided with. It must be remembered that projects come with a deadline and it has to be completed by the mentioned date.

3.    Despite our best hopes and intentions, some degree of inexperience, carelessness, and incompetence is normal
Although software testing is done with great care, human fallibility does occur. We must learn from our mistakes in order to improve our skills.

4.    A test is an activity; it is a performance, not an artifact
The test cases that a tester prepares should not be confusing. The ideas that are represented in the test cases should depict the testing procedure and not confuse the actual testing.

5.    Testers accept responsibility for the quality of their work, although they cannot control the quality of the product
Although testers don’t have control over the quality of their work, they must not relinquish responsibility with regards to the quality of their work. Only developers can control the quality of their product.

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