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5 Core Benefits of Test Automation

By SiliconIndia   |     |    3 Comments
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Bangalore: Testers who’ve had experience in manual testing would definitely say that manual testing is tedious and time consuming and testers finds difficulty to test every aspects of the software. To address the various problems faced by the testers, Agile Development came into light. However, the most important part of this development is the automation of the testing tools.

Let us take a look at some of the core benefits of Test Automation.

1.    Save Time
The biggest advantage of test automation is the ability to increase the speed in which testing is done and thereby decreases the testing time. Testers can keep the application for testing before leaving the office and return in the morning to analyze the results. Furthermore, the scripts can run on multiple machines and platforms simultaneously.  

2.    Programmable
Test Automation allows testers to program sophisticated tests. This will enable the testers to verify hidden information such as the session id as well as the account information in web applications. Such aspects cannot be verified under manual testing.

3.    Ensures Good Quality
In automation testing, each time a test is run, it performs the same operation. Apart from eliminating human errors, automated testing helps a tester to check almost all the aspects of the application which increases the quality of the product.

4.    Reusability
Another major advantage of test automation is the ability to reuse and repeat the tests.  Testers can reuse the test on various versions of the application and whenever there are any changes in the software. This saves a lot of time to the tester.

5.    Manpower can be utilized effectively
Test automation facilitates better utilization of manpower. It allows testers to focus more on critical tasks such as performance testing and security testing. Testers can manually test a new feature in an application, however to verify the functional aspects of the software, they can use automated testing.

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Reader's comments(3)
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Posted by:Tektok - 17 Oct, 2017
2: Great article @ Siliconindia.
No doubt these are very important factors to be followed during test automation but the test automation team plays a very vital role in success of test automation of software. Have a look @ some key characteristics of solid test automation team?@
Posted by:kvsc - 05 Jan, 2016
3: for the sake of testing community and its respect, please rephrase/ rewrite the article. For example we are not going to do automation of the testing tools. We are going to use testing tools for automation.
Following statement
"To address the various problems faced by the testers, Agile Development came into light."
Which is very much debatable. agile development came into light to address various other problems in SDLC like "Customers are not involved in early development life cycle". Scope changes etc all.
Posted by:laxman eluri - 07 Dec, 2012
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