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360Logica Opens Selenium Automation Lab

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Bangalore: The well-known offshore software testing company 360Logica has opened a state-of-the-art Selenium Automation Lab to offer consolidated solutions for Selenium functional automation testing requirements of its worldwide clients. A step ahead of present global Selenium automation framework development and testing facilities available, the new lab is a part of 360Logica commitment to ideate, innovate, and implement the latest technology, solutions, and strategy aimed at enhancing benefits of outsourcing software product testing objectives, minimizing risks, and maximizing resourcefulness of our partners.

360Logica, has come up with the new lab to help development firms with quality assurance for their products and provide them with cost-effective yet comprehensive testing solutions. The foremost challenge in assisting the client in a product upgrade is to select from various selenium automation frameworks, such as TestNG, JUnit, and SauceLab, that would complement with the existing technical specification. With Selenium being an open source platform, the software testing company is able to provide a cost-effective solution for our clients using a variety of tools.

As every client is unique in its needs 360Logica has come up with ready-to-use test packs after having delivered more than 100 Selenium automation frameworks.  It offers to customize test packs as per individual requirements, thus reducing the testing cycle time considerably. As Selenium is easily deployable on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platforms, it becomes a cost compatible solution for us from various perspectives.

360Logica understands that "selenium automates browsers" and thus it tries to harness that power and bring its vast array of testing applications to various industries, such as e-learning, mobile apps, finance, and e-commerce, with the introduction of the new component, FlexUISelenium, which is used with Selenium RC for testing Flex UI modules and Selenium-Silverlight. They have extended Selenium testing services to the e-learning and media domains as well and trying to harness that power and bring its vast array of applications to website testing, mobile application testing, and other software product testing.

Experts at 360Logica's Selenium Testing Lab engage in one-on-one communication with freelancers, university students, experts, and clients to assist them in various approaches for Selenium-related testing.

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