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3 Things a Tester Doesn't Want to Hear

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Bangalore: Software testing is a cumbersome process and testers work tirelessly to ensure that the application is free from bugs or any other defects. However, if there is no appreciation from the management or other professionals who are non-testers, they might lose interest and this will have an effect on the quality of the application that the tester is working on.

Mike Brown on utest blog highlighted the things that should never be told to a software tester by any member outside the testing world. Let us take a look at what he has to say.

1.    “Hurry UP! We are running out of time”
The worst thing one can say to a tester is to hurry up. Testers are well aware of the time frame that they have been given for a project. Imposing unrealistic deadlines will have an effect on the quality of the product. To meet this deadline, testers might overlook certain things which are crucial for quality software. According to Brown, if testing is done right from the designing phase, it will allow the testers to be involved with the product early and this will in turn allow them to contribute to the product early.

2.    “I don’t have time to read your bug report”
One of the biggest tasks of a tester is to report the bug. A good bug report will distinguish the bugs which are severe with those that require immediate attention as well as ways to reproduce them. After doing all this, developers should never say that they don’t have time to read the bug report filed by a tester.

3.    “A machine can do this”
Although automation has greatly helped professionals in the testing space, however it will never replace the testers. A tester is needed to analyze the results and to choose an appropriate tool for a project. 

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Reader's comments(2)
1: i would like to add one more point
4. Please do not expect thorough testing unless you provide detail requirement/specification/mockup documents
Posted by:Pretti - 18 Dec, 2012
2: one more thing i would like to add
4. Don't expect thorough testing from tester unless you provide detail specification/Requirement documentation.
Posted by:Pretti - 18 Dec, 2012
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