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3 Major Trends in the Software Testing Industry

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Bangalore: With applications becoming more complex, the software testing industry is now an important component in the software development lifecycle. Cloud computing, test automation and other technologies are changing the face of software testing at a very fast rate.  According to a forecast by TechNavio, over the period of 2011 to 2015, the Global Software Testing market will grow at a CAGR of 5.16 percent.

Express computer online highlighted some of the major trends in the software testing industry.

1.    Automated testing
For many of the testers, manual testing is tedious and time consuming when compared to automated testing. Testers involved in automation testing usually run the best in the evening and return in the morning to analyze the results.

The automation of tools as well selecting the right tool is imperative for the success of automation. According to Ashok Saxena from Kronos, testers while selecting the tool should consider maintenance of the automated scripts, learning as well as skill availability.  

Unlike manual testing, automated testing emphasize on the quality of the product right from the beginning and it helps in reducing the time spend for repetitive tasks.  “With properly designed automated frameworks, tests written once can be run for the lifetime of project with little maintenance,” commented Manish Kumar, Testing Practices Lead, Thoughtworks.

2.    Moving towards Cloud
Cloud is now a buzz word in most of the IT industries. TechNavio had also forecasted a shifting focus towards cloud – based testing. Cloud has greatly helped many mobile applications testing firms to reduce the cost involved in testing. Sumanth Tarigopula, Director, Global Delivery-India, HP Enterprise Services said, “Being aware of the way the testing spend goes on various services, progressive customers are now able to redirect their money towards high-value areas such as automation and structurally reduce the spend on operational costs, namely the test execution where the spend used to be significant in the earlier models.”

3.    The need for Mobile Application Testing
As many business organizations adopt the mobile technology, there is a need for organizations to ensure that the applications are secured apart from providing a smooth experience. “Quality testing of applications across operating systems, device platforms, and networks is a necessary but daunting task to ensure long-term success in a highly fragmented and competitive global market,” commented Kalyanasundaram from Cognizant.

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