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10 Pieces of information on Software Test Estimation Time

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Development cycle plays an important role in any project, but test estimation and correct execution are also of great importance. Sticking to the confirmed estimation time helps to build good reputation with a client. Experience is the main companion in estimating the software testing services time. Work experience helps to prepare a correct time of estimation for the testing cycle. Estimation should be real and exact. Factors that can influence software test estimation and some general advice on how to estimate accurately:

Reserve time Add some real number reserve time to your estimation. Having this extra time in estimation helps to cover any delays that may occur during testing and also enables maximum test coverage.

Bug cycle Bug cycle is also a part of test estimation and it happens that the actual test cycle lasts for couple more days than it was planned. Thats why its necessary to consider the fact that test cycle relies upon strength of the build. If the build is not stable, then more time is needed to fix it and therefore testing cycles automatically get longer.

Estimated period While doing test estimation, one should take into consideration all vacations/holidays that are planned by the team member. This will guarantee that the estimation is realistic. The estimation should also reflect some fixed number of resources for a test cycle. If the number of estimation changes, in most cases it decreases, then the estimation should be reconsidered and refreshed according to the change.

Parallel testing If there are some previous versions of the same product, why not compare the output data? It can profusely simplify your current task. However don't forget to consider that the estimation is done of the current product version.

Estimations can go wrong reconsider the estimations regularly in initial stages before you get down to work At the beginning of the project, its useful to reconsider the test estimation often and make adjustments if necessary. It is not a good idea to make the estimation longer once its frozen, unless, of course, there are considerable changes in requirements.

Previous experience can help Previous experience from the projects plays a big role while calculating the estimation time. There is a great chance to prevent all the problems or issues that occurred in previous projects and also helps to release the project on time.

Mind the extent of projects Define the end goal of the project and list all final results. Small and large projects are different and consequently the factors that influence them are different. Large projects involve setting up test bed, generating test data, test scripts, etc, and small projects test cycle, as a rule, contain the writing, execution and regression of test cases.

Performing load testing or not If you are going to do load testing, then assign some extra time on performance. Estimation for projects where load testing is involved should be assessed in another way.

Team factor Team factor requires strengths and weaknesses of the team. Team factor can estimate testing tasks more accurately. Consider also the fact that everyone is working with his own productivity level. Some people perform faster than others. However it is not the main factor, still attention is needed, because it can add up to the overall delay in results.

Co-operation with other departments Maybe this factor is not totally up to testers team, but it is also very important. The thing is that tester's work is connected with other specialist's work such as developers and management. If you want to save the time, the cooperation between these departments should be very close.

These pieces of advice could be useful not only for single testers but for company owners who want to increase their software testing units productivity. And no matter if it is software outsourcing company or not, the productivity of software testing groups is important in all the cases.

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