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responsibilities and tasks of a QA for Mobile consumer technology startups
What are the day-to-day responsibilities and tasks of a QA Lead at a small mobile consumer technology startup?
Asked by Hardik Nayak | Oct 5 2015 | Report this Report abuse
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Take/make new builds and test the newly added/modified functionality.
Write bug reports, probably in a bug tracking tool that you'll install and maintain.
Test against different hardware and OS versions
also identify what platforms to focus on and possibly manage the outsourcing of much of this effort.
You'll document your tests so other team members and outside testers can run the tests
You'll review the filed bugs and identify which once need to be fixed first, before the release, and in the next release.
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Most likely, their releases have a lot of bugs (I'd suggest asking what their pain really is in an interview, since they typically won't put it in a job posting). Most small companies are probably thinking that having an additional, non-developer set of eyes would be helpful in finding those issues before customers see them so they can focus on the business of implementing more features.
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I don't know that one can detail the day-to-day and tasks in general terms. It is going to highly depend on what the subject under test is, the goal of the business adding a Test Lead (I dislike "QA" when it is used in place of "Testing") to the team, how far along the project is, what the personalities and skills of existing team members are, and a whole host of other variables. It's all about context, but your question doesn't provide enough to give a more detailed answer
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