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ormal testing and embedded testing
What is the difference between the normal testing and embedded testing?
Asked by Aditya Singh | May 23 2016 | Report this Report abuse
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Embedded Testing :
If an application has been developed in order to produce a desired outcome in an industry and it is not doing so, embedded software testing is done in order to figure out where the issue persists. In testing, the following are performed:

1. The software is provided with a number of inputs.

2. A Piece of the software is executed.

3. The software state is monitored and the outputs are checked for any expected properties like whether the output matches the expected values, conformance to the requirement and absence of unspecified behaviors and system crashes.
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Testing is consider to be distructive procedure, instead of improvement which is a useful process.Around half testing done on the planet are simply Manual-BlackBox testing.BlackBox as it says, is a trying which incorporate testing of usefulness and not on interior codes or loop.The principle areas are GUI checks, usefulness and Validation and tiny bit of Database testing.Where as inserted testing is done on installed framework or chips, Take a case of an organization which take a shot at implanted framework, HASBRO. they make numerous ICs for Toys, testing this depends on inputs it get.

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In embedded testing is there any particular tool which is used?Embedded testing is related to both hardware and software. In which category it will fall black box or white box testing?
Answered by: manoj on: Apr 17th, 2012

boss....there is no meaning of difference of normal testing/embedded testing..

the main focus to reach the client requirement... but testing way is difference embedded testing.. we will test the application in codding standards.. so we use load runner.. to measure the load of the system
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