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key challenges of software testing
what are the key challenges of software testing
Asked by Aditya Singh | Aug 8 2012 | Report this Report abuse
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Here is an answer to your query. Please check this link -
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In a majority of cases, testing is not considered at the conceptual phase and a lot of hurdles are faced. These hurdles, in spite of being repeatedly encountered, are not resolved and have now become GENERIC problems faced while testing.
Time Crunch, Volatile Requirements, Constant interruptions for information, unavailability of support, the list goes on and on...
The key to handling this is to make sure that you have all the facts and figures tracked properly and available at all times. If you can figure out what is the information that will be needed ahead of time, you should be able to manage yourself pretty well.
Adjusting to the change and being able to put across your concerns in a proper and factual way will help taking the first step to ironing out major concerns...
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1.More and more automated software generation systems are coming up transferring non creative jobs to machines. Monitoring the out put from them is a challenge.
2.One of the solution is interactively design the system from the requirements.
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Key Challenges of s/w testing:

1. Testing considered late in project

2. Requirements not testable

3. Integration is done after all components have been developed: This might result into full testing not being covered.

4. Complete testing is not possible
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