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What are the best methods for manual Q.A for a web site?
1. Our team will write an test script which consist of an action and an expected result in a form of a table.
* We would prefer if we could write it in Excel, later on import it to the tool we will work with.
2. After writing the script in that format, we would like to import it to the tool.
3. this tool would organize the table in a new table which consists of each step, and next to it, an option to select if passed or failed, and a way to add a comment for each step.
4. After finishing the test, generating a report by the tool would be necessary.
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Test Link is a good tool for managing manual testing. You can write your test cases in it or even import from excel. You can do test execution using test link and will get the reports easily. In future if you use any automation tool for regression like webdriver then you can easily integrate it with testlink as well.For agile testing also test link is the best tool for test management.
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Manually testing a large and complicated site is not actually that hard. You won't be able to test every transition, but you shouldn't be doing that anyway in manual test -- unit testing should get that.

Start by defining the main user scenarios you want to hit -- express them in terms of what you want to achieve (i.e. "User wants to buy a ticket to a movie at 11:30am") Skillful exploratory testers will be able to hit most of the relevant transitions in this model. You can also use a team like uTest provides to get coverage -- just make sure you direct them appropriately or you'll pay too much and have too many duplicate bugs.

For automation, you could use WebDriver which would give you coverage on all major browsers.
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