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Tools for using GUI testing in windows applications
What tools do you use to do GUI testing; not browser testing, but windows type applications?
Asked by Sudhir Kakar | May 26 2013 | Report this Report abuse
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Hi Sudhir,

Base upon ur Application.
Example: R u having 3 Party Controls?
if it is there what are the tools are supoporting that 3rd party contorls like that u have to anylze and decide the tool
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I have tried most of the tools here and found them extremely lacking.
little I do is browser testing and I use curl or wget for that. I suppose QTP (by Mercury tools now acquired by HP) could be used.
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My test teams have been using QTP. This allows both record & replay as well as scripting for GUI testing. The cost is high and the RoI comes in primarily when you have a large number of users.

One issue that we have faced with QTP is that they don't recognize the latest the latest .NET 3.x controls and we've been working with Mercury/HP for fixes. Response time was faster before the HP acquisition but now it has been slow.
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