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Tools a Tester should be familiar with
Hello...Could some one tell me what are the basic testing tools once we are in the job???
Asked by Pritika MiSsInG fRiEnDs | Aug 4 2012 | Report this Report abuse
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While there are a lot of tools present in the market, you should be familiar with what is used to achieve what.At any state, whether it be at the start of your career or later on, you should be aware of at least some of the basic tools, to help you understand the potential of other tools. Look at tools which are used for:
- Defect Tracking
- Test Case Management and Execution
- Automation Tools
- Performance Tools
- Management Tools

Though there are different tools with different capabilities, they normally fall under a specific category and for a specific purpose.
For ex: Knowing one automation tools and your success factors will highlight your Logical thinking and skill set. Being aware of the limitations in the tool you use will help providing additional information when evaluation another tool.
But yes, it is good to be aware of at least one tool in the different segments, some of which I have mentioned above.
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Adding to the above list here are some more tools for testing...

1)QA testing tools,
2)Load testing tools,
3)Performance testing tools,
4)Product testing tools,
5)Unit testing tools,
6)Software testing tools
8)Test Director
9)Silk Test
10)Test Partner
11)Rational Robot
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1)QTP, LoadRunner (basic knowledge),
2)SQL, SQl developer tool or TOAD tool
3)Version control tools (CVS sub version) or similar tools.
4)Quality center, ZIRA, Ontime etc..
5)MS office, word, excel, power point, outlook express (for mails, most of the companies uses).
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