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Techniques involved in Testing
What are the techniques involved in testing???
Asked by Aarpit Gupta | Apr 11 2012 | Report this Report abuse
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Software testing techniques: Manual & Automation are the basic types involved in Testing.
Manual is you use predefined definitions for testing.
In automation testing you use tools like Selenium for testing.
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Manual testing helps for small websites or projects.It has lot of benefits.
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Software Testing Techniques: Static Testing Vs Dynamic Testing CRB Tech is a premier training and placement institute that conducts software testing course in Pune. Static testing and dynamic testing are two important techniques related to software testing. We will see them in detail in this blog=>
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Different Techniques Of Software Testing :

1) Black-Box Testing-The technique of analyzing without having any information of the interior technicalities of the program is called black-box analyzing.

2) White-Box Testing- White-box tests the detailed research of inner reasoning and structure of the rule. White-box tests also called glass examining or open-box examining.

3) Grey-Box Testing- Grey-box assessments a technique to analyze the program with having a small information of the interior technicalities of a software.
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Here is an answer to your query. Please check this link -
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[url=]Software Testing[/url]
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Software Testing are of two types.They are:
1.Black box Testing
2.White box Testing

Again these testing types are divided into techniques.

Black Box Testing Techniques are Equivalence Partitioning,Boundary Value Analysis,Cause Effect Graphing,Error Guessing.

White Box includes Statement coverage,Condition coverage,Decision Coverage,Multiple Condition Coverage.

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these are the type of testing
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Equivalence partitioning,state transition testing,boundary value analysis,cause effect graphing comes under TESTING TECHNIQUES.
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There are 3 Software testing techniques.
1. Whitebox testing techniques.
2. Blackbox testing techniques.
3. Greybox testing techniques.
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3 Testing Techniques are:

1.Black Box Testing.
2.White Box Testing.
3.Grey Box Testing.

Regards ,
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@ Abhilasha

She has written techniques that is used for Black Box testing and there are few more like
Decision table testing
Error Guessing
Syntex testing
Cause Effect testing

To read more you may visit this link for better understanding
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There are 2 types of testing Technique

1. Black box testing technique ...
2. White box testing technique ....
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Functional and structural Testing techniques
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So is there some thing called high level testing???
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Yes .....

Decision Table testing and Flow chart mechanism comes under the high level testing mechanisms.
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Yes, I am sure that they all come under low level testing...
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1)Boundary Value Testing
2)Equivalence Class partitioning
3)Special Value testing
4)Error Value guessing
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