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Quality Management Systems and Product Development Testing labs
What kind of Quality Management Systems/Practices are most applicable to Product Development Testing labs?
Asked by Ankita Shrivastava | Jul 21 2012 | Report this Report abuse
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I think ISO/IEC 17025 which is a management system for laboratory would fit with your question. This standard is not just only certify your lab , but from what I heard is they use the terms "accredit" instead of "certify" The 17025 can divide into 2 main accreditation.
1.) Testing Lab.
2.) Calibration Lab.
Hope my answer may help.
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When you develop custom products, it is not uncommon to have custom test equipment. I am looking for some insights into how people manage things like: Test Equipment Change and Configuration Management, Institutionalizing Measurement System Analysis, Test Data Storage and Retention Standards, Setup Reduction, etc. in a product development environment.
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