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Extreme Programming and what's it got to do with testing?
Extreme Programming. Programmers are expected to write unit and functional test code first - before writing the application code.
Extreme programming's approach is that if a little testing can eliminate a few flaws, a lot of testing can eliminate many more flaws.Unit tests determine whether a given feature works as intended. A programmer writes as many automated tests as they can think of that might "break" the code; if all tests run successfully, then the coding is complete. Every piece of code that is written is tested before moving on to the next feature.
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Extreme Programming is a way to come out on risk prone projects,usually used by individuals in team.
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Customers are expected to be an integral part of the project team and to help developed scenarios for acceptance black box testing. Acceptance tests are preferably automated, and are modified and returns for each of the frequent development iterations. QA and test personnol are also required to be an integral part of the project team. Detailed requirements documentation is not used, and frequent re-scheduling, re-estimating, and re-prioritizing is expected.
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Extreme Programming (XP) is a software development approach for small teams on risk-prone projects with unstable requirements.est code is under source control along with the rest of the code.
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