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Cigniti Technologies is an Independent software testing services company headquartered in Dallas, TX. Cigniti test offerings include TCoE, Testing on Cloud, Enterprise Mobility Testing, Functional, Automation, Security and Performance Testing services. Cigniti's SMART Tools and Cloud Enabled test labs provide cost effective solutions with early Return on Investments. Its deep expertise and proprietary frameworks help accelerate testing for improved time to market its clients. A public listed company in India, Cigniti is on a mission to become the world’s largest independent testing services company.Cigniti's workforce is equally distributed between North America & India with a vision to be the client’s local partner.

KEY PERSON: Raj Neravati, COO
Raj Neravati has been the Chief Operating Officer at Cigniti since April 2012. He is the key person for all the operations across the globe for the company. Prior to Cigniti, Raj served as Senior Vice President of Global Delivery at AppLabs, where he led the enterprise accounts of North America providing thought, leadership and modern solutions for corporate customers. He also worked as an Account Manager managing the entire BFSI (Banking Financial Services & Insurance) customers across North America. He has an experience of working with clients from Citibank, Standard Chartered and Reserve Bank of India. He holds a Masters in Computer Applications from S.K. University, India.


CIOs, CEOs and CFOs have realized the risks of bad software on their business. Testing has become a key part of every company’s strategyto deliver a good quality product to their customers. Companies are focusing on zero error for which they turn to Independent Testing services companies and Cigniti provides these services to them. Independent software testing has gained importance over the last 10 years and has rapidly grown to become a large segment within the IT services industry.

Some of the services that Cigniti offers are:

  • Test Center of Excellence
  • Test Advisory Services
  • Functional Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • Test Offerings on Cloud
  • Testing the Cloud
  • Mobile Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • L18n Testing
  • L10n Testing
Work Environment:
The Company has expanded its executive management team and brought in industry recognized leaders from the software testing industry. We will continue to attract the best people from around the world as we grow.

At Cigniti, testing services are delivered by career testers who are passionate about what they do. Unlike in other companies where testers are second grade citizens, at Cigniti, the testers are the stars.

The underlying philosophy of our service delivery is the prediction of outcome – Quality (Defects, Coverageand Throughput), Value (ROI, Burn rate) and Visibility (Schedule, Communication, Governance). Cigniti’s trademarked “Predict Quality” test methodology has been developed to help make informed decisions. Cigniti has also developed “Smart Tools” that help with IP driven testing services. Smart tools engageTool Agnostic Frameworks, ROI Calculator, Automation Accelerators, Lean Methodology with increased reusability between manual and automated scenarios, On demand access to current & legacy mobile devices (from leading manufacturers supporting diverse OS) via Cigniti device cloud with the ability to test on multiple networks world-wide and Custom dashboards that help translate engineering metrics to decision making dashboards (ex: release go / no-go). Cigniti also has “Cloud Enabled” test labs for performance and automation testing.

Cigniti is tool agnostic and we use open source tools for our customers based on the budget and need. We are able to differentiate ourselves in the market place by building utilities and frameworks that run on top of open source test tools. Our performance solution on cloud is developed using an open source platform to reduce overall costs for customer. We also have built market intelligence on over 250+ testing tools in the open source community and continue to research on them.

We believe that the future of the IT services in India will depend on non-linear revenues generated using tools, frameworks and utilities, and in our case - IP led Testing. In the next five years a significant part of our revenues will come from IP led testing services.

Cigniti has built a set of test tools to accelerate test events in software test life cycle. Cigniti’s SMART Tools provide point solutions for gaps that are not full-filled by market tools and provide seamless integration with the leading market tools. With over a decade of experience in Software Quality Assurance industry, Cigniti has encapsulated its experience into Smart tools / solutions / frameworks that benefit clients by jump starting test automation objectives while ensuring quicker Return on Investments. Cigniti SMART Tools are cloud enabled with Pay As you Go Model service options.

With three kinds of revenue models; yearly retainer, fixed scope and the pay-per use model, the company earns revenue from long term engagements as well as on demand services that it provides to the customers.The customer pays premium for the quality that is assured and also for the solutions provided. Currently the company plans to extend its revenue byacquiring companies in America and Canada.

Cigniti envisions becoming the world’s largest and most respected independent testing services company in the next 3 years. Developing global thought leadership with innovations in software testing, the company aims to expand on the basis of IP, geography and domain in the next few years by acquisitions.

Cigniti is investing in growth across various areas to reach our goal of being the world’s largest testing services.

Sales - Cigniti is expanding its sales team in the US and Latin America to reach out to more clients.

Marketing - Cigniti is investing in building our brand so that Cigniti becomes synonymous with testing. Having a strong brand will lead to better revenue growth and margins and improve our ability to attract the best talent to Cigniti.

Management - Cigniti has added more management depth with industry experts who bring a lot of experience and add value to our clients.

Infrastructure - Cigniti invests in Robotics Test Lab, Mobile Test Lab and Performance Test Labs that can be leveraged by our enterprise clients to improve their software quality, eliminating the need to invest in expensive infrastructure.

R&D - Cigniti invests in building software testing tools, utilities and frameworks that help our clients speed up the process of testing while improving the overall quality of software.


Sudhakar Pennam

Sudhakar Pennam is the CEO & President of Cigniti who oversees all functions like strategy, sales, client relationships, delivery operations, marketing and finance. Sudhakar has more than 20 years of experience in IT in various areas including IT operations, consulting, operations and sales functions. Sudhakar operates out of the US office at Irving and travels between India and US to ensure...

Management Team

Sudhakar Pennam
CEO & President
Sriram Rajaram
President, Strategy & Corporate Development

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Location: Hyderabad

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Test Advisory Services
Test Advisory Services :Cigniti's Test Consultants can help your organization improve your testing processes and also articulate test strategies for your development efforts.The improvements can address various types of testing currently done...