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Veer Sagar's Experience
Veer Sagar's Education
post gradute
nizam college osmania universiy

About Veer Sagar's family

I am one of 9 siblings of my father 8 brothers and one sister. i am married and have three daughters and three grandchildren. I grew up in a large and happy joint family in Hyderabad. Currently we are over 100 direct descendants of my father.
Most Important Lessons
The most important lessons I have learnt is to study a problem in depth and with an open mind., then simplify, look for alternate solutions.Be fair, honest straightforward and transparent in all your dealings. Think with your head but implement with your heart.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Currently i a responsible for long term growth and survival.Look at and anticipate trends and technologies. In my last previous position i had a more operational role. Currently i do not have any operational day to day role
Plans for the Future
retired and writing and lecturing
Most Important Decisions
more from Tyres to Computers and from being a golden handcuffed professional employee to a risk taking entreprnuer in a unknown area of Back Office
A Fine Balance:
i have clear priorities and time compartments
Role Model
strangely my role model is not a well known personality. He was my first boss. He taught me the value od in depth and clear thinking and to stand up for what you believe is right. He showed me the power of trust and empowermnet
Parting thoughts
always be fair. Think of the problem from the other persons point of view. What would you do if you were in his position? Never ask some one to do anything that you not do Lead by example.
Points of inflection
moving from a position of strength as the business manger of Cycle SBU in Dunlops to Director of sales and marketing in ICIM a computer hardware company and them setting up my own Back office when every one from Government to VCs to Mckenzie said there is no such thing as back office
Currently working at
I look after the positioning and long term growth strategy of the Company and also act as mentor for the empowered operations team
Changes in the industry
yes It has got more automated and today there is a greater emphasis on black box and functional testing as opposed to code testing
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