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Varun Shakti

Varun Shakti

QA Engineer at Metso Minerals
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PUNJ LLOYD, Doha, Qatar
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I am varun shakti, my date of birth is 01 July 1986 . I belong to Khatauli Muzaffarnagar. My father is a service man, he is working in Mahindra& Mahindra Tractors. My mother is teacher in Girls Inter College.I have younger sister, she is persuing B.A. in Textile design.
role of documentation in QA
Looking after the Supplier Quality , have to check the documents, prepare the check list for every assembly and update them in Lotus or S.A.P. for the proper tracking. Have to make the Inspection Release note for every Item dispatched from supplier end to Client Site.
Quality of good test engineer
Proper Inspection Techniques and documentation. Good knowledge of drawings and QAP's and the end product knowledge. Good knowledge of QA-Tools and procedures for the proper guidance of supplier.
If it is the part of Drawing or QAP then surely I will go for it.
I have committed for Quality , and have to follow the standards. It doesn't matter how much big the project is, Client satisfaction matters a lot.
if the organization is growing so fast that fixed QA processes are impossible
QA Processes are to fixed as per the requirement and the practicality. In that case people require some training and that increases the cost of the project. But that is a good idea for future.
We can dispatch the material on the Compliance basis.
Question 1
S.A.P is an example of that, It can be implemented. For that we have ti study the total process and note down the leak points. Making of formats and use them in the early process, to be familiar with the formats and procedures which to be implemented in the software in advance.
First raise the Non conformance and send it to all concerns, take the supplier advise and took put a decision with Engineering and projects jointly .
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