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Sanjay  Kumar

Sanjay Kumar

Program Manager, Unisys
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About Sanjay Kumar's family

I am from a simple family background, Dad is in teaching profession & mom a home maker.I was born in UP in a farming family, it is good to have some flavors of real India.I moved out of UP at age 5 with my parents in GOA.
Required Reading
I would suggest to gather total concept of Software Engineering before focusing on QA/Testing. > Agile Testing (By: Lisa Crispin) > Implementing Automated Software Testing (By: Elfriede Dustin) > Managing the Testing Process (By: Rex Black) > Beautiful Testing (By: Adam Goucher)
Current and Previous Responsibilities
I lead team that research, design, create/modify, publish and maintain customer-facing web self service solutions including online Help,user guides and system reference articles as well as on-line chat channels and support automation solutions.Earlier I was UX Architect and used to design software.
Most Important Lessons
The important lessons i can share are. 1. Focus on the bigger goal - what you really want to do 2. Devote time to your profession - Fall in LOVE with the work you do 3. Relationships matter - keep ice on head & sugar in mouth 4. Add value to every deliverable that you touch 5. Build rapport
Essential Advice
Start with manual testing Understand software engineering concepts Understand User Experience Design concepts Focus on automated testing Devote time & energy
Plans for the Future
God's grace this is a wonderful question, we all should know answer to this question. I would say i would be managing bigger programs involving higher $ value.
Role Model
In each organization, i made mentors for myself, and learned from them.I would like to mention them with respect Satyam Computers - Arun Sapireddy - MindTree Ltd - Anshuman Singh Unisys Corporation - Mallik Didugu They teach me business and how to manage business and people.
Most Important Decisions
The best was to move towards User Experience Design and Business Analysis, it provided me experience in client management & business needs. These experience made me reach management quickly, not to mention the hard work & God's grace.
Degrees that Matter
I would suggest, that certifications help in initial screening, however your actual knowledge matter most.
Areas for the Future
The areas that will matter most will be 1. Agile testing 2. Managing global teams - distributed teams 3. Automation testing However manual testing will be there, no doubt.
A Fine Balance:
Work life balance - is a choice that depends from person to person. I exercise regularly and give time to personal life & energy, passion to my profession.
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