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Degrees that Matter
English Teacher. Master in Discourse Analysis Master in Education Master in English as a second Language.
A Fine Balance:
Simple , first at all enjoy my work life, I adore my teaching life, in this way I have organized schedule and methodology of teaching in order to have a freedoom and free hpurs to live.
Currently working at
Woao, it is difficult because I work in different places: 1st I'm the principal in my own company. Outsourcing company, with branches in differents states. 2nd. I'm a highschool teacher and social communitary coordinator. 3rd I'm an University teacher. So I'm teacher, and manager.
Tech trends to watch out for
I adore technology: I'm just teaching to work with free software, and Tic's in my classroom and my own teaching methodology implies blogs, glogster, prezy, you tu be and the newest ones.
Most Important Decisions
I think I haven't taken yet, but may be soon : To go abroad to teach.
Changes in the industry
It has revolutioned, new fields have awaken, and Nowadays implies an open mind professional to be on time with the changes that QA/testing industry is offering....
Points of inflection
There are many important inflection points, but one of them include the technology in my teaching methodology has being my strenghtness but it has been hard to show colleagues the advantages of include it to get a better performance in our students,.
Most Important Lessons
Many, the most important : Never stop to study, To Love your labor, To be proffesional, to try to coevaluate and improve in a new experience, and to step new ladder in each new oportunity...
Role Model
Coello, Paulo, Freire Pablo, Jesuschrist,Da vinci, Einstein and Ghandy: Because all of them were masters, believed in themselves, think in the future and used the creativity to build their dreams and profesionalism.
Required Reading
there are many web pages and books one of them is: QA Info Tech - A Brand Built on Results 1.-) Testing Chronicles - QA InfoTech Corporate Blog 2.)Some recent articles Here are some examples: - What is the Best Way to Make Developer and QA Relationship Healthy .
The Journey So Far
Well, from Mondays to Friday I work more than 10 hours and I almost ever teach more than 600hundreds students in a week. I try to create and bring new ideas to the classrooms and I feel proud of my students level profiency.
Essential Advice
First at all understand what is a domain and for what will be its applications. Understand advantages and disadvantages, benefits and factible applications.To read a lot.
Areas for the Future
A domain is a set of input values for which the program performs the same computation for every member of the set. We are interested in maximal domains such that the program performs different computations in different domains.Matter new programs that don't fit in QA/testing .
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