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Lokendra Yadav

Lokendra Yadav

Onyeex Technology Services .Pvt.Ltd.
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Lokendra Yadav's Experience
Head/ VP/ GM-Training And Development
Onyeex Technology Services .Pvt.Ltd., Pune, INDIA
Lokendra Yadav's Education
Rajasthan Technical University,Kota,Rajasthan.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
currently i am looking after a business development,designing of new and effective business policies, whereas previously i was working for a IT company their i was looking after IT security management,web application development,product launching and IT product marketing, SEO services etc.
Essential Advice
Focus on two things i.e 1) SOP's(Standard Operating Procedures) 2) ISO Protocols & guidelines Think about all possibilities,impossibilities and in between
Role Model
I always considered my childhood as my role model who keeps on inspiring me always because whenever it comes to take decision,inspiration i refer to my childhood dreams which always help me to take a right decision.I strongly believe in internal inspiration which allows innovation and risk together
Currently working at
My current job profile is to look after business development,implementation of new business policies and Sales & Marketing, Training & development.
Required Reading
Most Important Lessons
I learned... That it isn't always enough, to be forgiven by others. Sometimes, you have to learn to forgive yourself....... I Believe... That no matter how bad your heart is broken the professional world doesn't stop for your grief.......
Changes in the industry
QA/Testing industry not that much vital role earlier because earlier industry was moreover concentrated on development not performance but now industry has recorded a major changes in product performance and stability demand due to enhancement of customer awareness,demands and market competency
A Fine Balance:
It is always a tough question to answer but i believe in setting different priorities for every aspects of life in order to meet life balance demands. And i always tried to maintain a thin line between professionalism and personnel ism which is always tough challenge to overcome but 1 has to do.
Degrees that Matter
yes sure certifications and degree is always a one of the important aspect because it will always help you to make a rough sketch of your task and target in QA/Testing. Even certification and degree have always provided a basic knowledge in particular sector and importantly in QA/Testing field
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