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Janardhan P Shetty

Janardhan P Shetty

Masters in Computer Science
IBM Silicon Valley Labs
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Janardhan P Shetty's Experience
Software Developer
IBM Silicon Valley Labs, San Jose, US
Testing Engnr
IBM India Software labs, Bangalore, INDIA
Software Developer
Mindtree Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, INDIA
Testing Engnr
IBM, Bangalore, INDIA
Software Developer
IBM, San Jose, US
Janardhan P Shetty's Education
University Visvesvaraya College of Engg

About Janardhan P Shetty's family

I am the only son to my parents, I have 3 elder sisters who are all married and settled in India. I came from a lower middle class family background who had an awesome childhood days.
Tech trends to watch out for
All web technologies I feel and the space of big data analytics, recommender system making waves in the testing domain. The trivial ones are the Performance testing, Functional Verification Testing, Automation testing.There are very good opportunities from a career perspective and become Architects.
Required Reading
There are no particular websites as such since it depends on purely what you want to do. My suggestion is to first decide what you want and in which field of testing you want to excel.To know what basically testing means you can refer Software Engineering by Ian
Plans for the Future
Probably working for my dream company in the domain which I am interested on.
Changes in the industry
Since testing is the last and prime area before a product gets released. It is immense challenging to make a product a finished good product.There are lot of areas like automation testing which has grown over the years. There is change in the way of thinking of a tester, he thinks like a developer.
Currently working at
I am currently pursuing my masters degree in computer science.
Points of inflection
Extending my knowledge by doing my masters is what I feel is the most important turn of the event in my career.
Role Model
My team people always supported me to gain extra knowledge and they were with me and are now also but there is one person who knew that I have the potential to do something great and motivates me.Khurram,Mallar,Poornima,Prashant,Lokesh,Joshi,Soumya,Akshay.My teacher Pratima Rao.
Essential Advice
Testing is an interesting field and I personally know people who have done wonders worldwide, so its just the interest and passion if you have both just go for it.
A Fine Balance:
This is interesting, sometimes its difficult to maintain work life balance especially when we are new to some things, initially when I joined the team I used to work late hours to pick up pace but once you know it becomes easy to maintain and plan your time.
The Journey So Far
I did my schooling in UAS Campus School, then on did my PUC from MES KK college and Engineering from University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering. I worked with IBM India Software Labs for a period of 2 years as a software tester and currently pursuing my masters in Computer Science in Texas,USA.
Degrees that Matter
Yes, certification always helps in knowing the concepts better. I had scored pretty high percentage in DB2 Database certification on which I was working on that time.
Most Important Lessons
Try to value time, it will value you one day. No body is perfect and knowledgeable as soon as they start their career, try once if it fails try another time again fails try one more .. simple but effective. Do NOT assume always ask seniors or peers who knows better. Leave shyness to learn something
Areas for the Future
Big Data is what I feel rule the world in few years.So areas in and around that space must be interesting, because world has huge amount of data but no one knows what to do with that:)
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