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Yash Mittal

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About Yash Mittal's family

I was born in 1987 in PinkCity, India, to A.K. Mittal. I am basically from a middle class family where my father is a Govt. Officer, and mother is a household religious lady. I spent almost 14 yrs. of my life in joint family after that remaining time till date in nuclear.
Role Model
Bill Gates, Offcourse !! He is my role model and I am still running on his footprints. I started my business only 2 yrs. back and till date have got more then 18,000 global clientele. I learnt from Bill Gates that "Make People Addict To You".
Currently working at
I founded WTPL-The Web Hosting Company in 2010 and till date managing the company as CEO. my responsibility is to manage sales, support, accounts, legal, corporate customer accounts, branding, new business generation strategics. I work as sales, billing, support guy as well when needed.
Plans for the Future
As per the present condition I believe I could bring my company to atleast in top 5 hosting companies in India, as of now we are at position of 26th in India.
Most Important Decisions
When I was in Engineering 3rd year I got placed in Wipro Technologies Ltd. as a software trainee, after that in final year got placed in Indian Air Force as captain(technical duty) , infact my parents forced me a lot to join there but it was pre planned to do business.
Parting thoughts
I believe cyber industry is getting poor day by day by some culprits, also on whole internet its hard to find a famous company who dont have any bad reviews so I believe "If you have bad reviews it means you are growing".
Points of inflection
I made my first coroprate client Wipro in early age, that time my co. was very small but Mr. S. Raman (CTO, Wipro Tech) invited me for meeting and I went there personally and got the contract for dedicated server, till date we hold this client.
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