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Vinod Kumar Chandran

Vinod Kumar Chandran

Senior Lead QA
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About Vinod Kumar Chandran's family

I am married to Thulasi, who is a home maker. We have 2 daughters Vaibhavi,studying in 1st standard and Mythili in montessori, and we stay in Bangalore. Both my father and younger brother are involved in business back in Kerala. My mother is a home maker.
Required Reading
I refer blogs related to testing and I write occasionaly in my own blog. Sticky minds is the most often visited website by me. I also refer the periodicals, the Edge(The Hindu) to know latest perspectives on technology. I also follow interviews from industry leaders on their thoughts
Changes in the industry
The most distinguishable difference is that QA professionals are now exclusive functional teams, who more relates themselves with other core technology stake holders. Earlier it was a combined function of technical support teams more focussed on the user experience of the app than on its technology.
A Fine Balance:
I believe I was able to address the challenges of being a good family man, competent in my skills. Experience enabled me to read in between the customer requirements, bring to attention those risks and improve on the smartness of the solution each time. This freed up space I use for my family.
Plans for the Future
I plan to build upon my leadership skills, equipping myself for people management role. I would focus on expanding my people networking areas, by writing in journals, participating in technology forums etc. I see myself as a budding entrepreneur.
Areas for the Future
Task automation becomes crucial, as test tools needs to collaborate with other enterprise apps.End-to-end automation would require streamlining processes to leverage from existing systems and implementing easy migration techniques. Tool expertize will give way to automation system specialization.
Most Important Lessons
I have learned to be as detailed as possible and being transparent. This is a behaviorial aspect to encourage sharing and gaining together. Strategies and managerial skills succeed when build on strong ethical foundation. One needs to stay technicaly relevant within the team.
Essential Advice
The QA/Testing is no more a black box task. Testing with app UI is just an option now. Product architectural leaders,development groups and testing teams operate from a common platform. A successful tester should be able to understand the pespectives of both customer and product teams.
Role Model
I admire our former president Dr. Adbul Kalam. He seemed having a strong conviction on what he performs and he preaches the virtue of sharing knowledge. It makes a wonderful world if we impart ethics towards the desires we are urging for.
Degrees that Matter
There is one tool specific certification that I did, Segue Certified SilkTest-Level2 Engineer. Testing specific courses can introduce QA terminologies to a fresher. Earlier when there was not many sites and blogs for testing that existed, it served as authentic information stores.
Parting thoughts
I foresee a near future when indian IT market turn to be an attractive option for service providers. With IT penetration within core service sectors in our country, expenses eases on citizens.And service providers reduing their operation cost, this is a possible, welcome step.
Points of inflection
It has been a steady career on test automation for the initial 8 years. I realized the expectation changes once you get into leadership roles. I have gained a lot of insight into overall project handling, working with multiple stake holders and people handling. Its the business which passionates me.
The Journey So Far
I started as a black box application tester and moved into UI automation testing using multiple tools for the first 8 years. The Google Test Automation Conference that I attended during that time introduced me to the open space areas on test automation. From test tools I shifted towards test systems
Most Important Decisions
Not any drastic changes till now, except that I changed technologies and tools. It's a mid-life 'limbo' which concerns me now. I want to become a entrepreneur and I have listed steps to achieve that for coming years.
Tech trends to watch out for
Technological advancements bring amazing changes for all product stake holders including testing. Internet set new benchmarks for applications performance/functionality/usage and how they are tested. That revolution will continue in the form of device application platforms in coming era for testing.
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