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Plans for the Future
Its not just about the couple of years instead I want to see my growth happening each and every year in terms of roles, resposibilities and output. For this question, my answer is that in next couple of year I see myself in a managment role with greater responsibilities & challenging projects.
Essential Advice
My advice would be that he/she should understand the following three point: a Do they know about software testing b Are they interested in it c. What opportunities they find in the coming year If the answers for this three points are in possitive then they definitly should go for it.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
My responsibilities include: a Handling complete STLC for different modules in a project at a time b Test case Review, Execution Review & provide Review comments c Task - Allocation, Status Reporting, Monitoring & giving final task status to the Managers d Review defects in defect tracking tool
Tech trends to watch out for
Some of the trends I'm watching are Cloud Computing and Mobile Testing. These trends means a lot to me from career point of view, as on the basis of these emerging trends future IT oppurtunities would come across and if I'm not equipped with it then I may be a failure.
Currently working at
Currently I'm working as a Senior Software Engineer (QA) in Helm Analytics Pvt. Ltd. My role is to test the application using manual and automation test approaches.
Role Model
My role model (for my professional career) is Steve Jobs. It is just for the simple reason that innovation doesn't have any limits.
Most Important Lessons
Some of the importance lessons learnt are: a To be patient enough even if the situation is worst b. The ability to apply basic and fundamental knowledge c. Continue to learn d. Respect for truth and intellectual integrity e. Effective communication skills
Required Reading
I won't be recommending any books or blogs because that we've already done during our studies. I would recommend that one should learn from our day to day activities that we perform in office. And if possible always be in debate mode with seniors and try to attend more seminars & conferences.
Most Important Decisions
I don't know if the thing I'm telling now is a part of career decision but I never followed anything blindly, even if the order comes from management. Because it is very important to understand clearly what you are going to do and if there is any confusion then first clarify then start with work.
The Journey So Far
Till now my journey has been good & smooth. I always got support from my seniors, while through out my career I managed to be among the top performers. Regular client appreciation and defect free deliverable has always kept up my morale.
A Fine Balance:
The challenge of work life could be easily managed if we do not take this challenge back to our home. What I mean is that work life and personal life should be completely separated. I've done this and I guess I'm managing it smoothly :)
Areas for the Future
Some areas that I foresee are: a Cloud testing: In the near future almost all application would be hosted on cloud. b Security testing: due to emergence of cloud this feature will play key role c Mobile Application testing: tablets and smart phones has invoked several opportunities for it
Degrees that Matter
One should definitely require professional degree for testing. I do not possess any other certification which has helped me in my career because I feel that apart from certifications and courses it is the real experiences and knowledge gained from his/her experience that matters.
Parting thoughts
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