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Tatwadarsi Tripathy

Tatwadarsi Tripathy

Manager Quality
Manikamouds Pvt.Ltd.
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Tatwadarsi Tripathy's Experience
QA/ QC Mgr
Manikamouds Pvt.Ltd., Dadra, INDIA
QA/ QC Exec.
Princeware International Pvt.Ltd, Daman, INDIA
Tatwadarsi Tripathy's Education
Berhampur Univercity

About Tatwadarsi Tripathy's family

Father is a Retired Mechanic. Mother is a housewife. Wife is a housewife. Elder daughter is 3.5yrs old & a student of Jr.KG.Younger daughter is 5months old
Points of inflection
One inflection point was there when I have joined Princeware International Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2004.
Required Reading
Websites like is useful for me.
Most Important Lessons
Never try to hide facts to management. Loyalty towards work is must.
Areas for the Future
Specialization like Total Quality management/ Kaizen/ CANDO matter.
Role Model
One of Role model is Mr.Abinash Das inspires me a lot due to his personal & professional guidance to all of his team members.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Currently I m looking after Quality Control/Quality Assurance & New development part at a time. Previously I used to look after QC/QA part.
Degrees that Matter
Yes I have one certification cource in Total Quality Management. I will recommend PGDBA or MBA cource with specialization in TQM
Most Important Decisions
First career decision I have made in 2006 to move to West Africa with a different type of job responsibility & Second one I have made in 2010 to lead a Quality Department of a manufacturing industry
Parting thoughts
Essential Advice
First work hard to get a strong platform.
Plans for the Future
In a position of Quality Head in a career oriented organization.
The Journey So Far
Pls. check my CV
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