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Surya Yadav

QA Manager
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About Surya Yadav's family

I come from service background. Within family I am the first to be in IT industry. I’ve got a beautiful daughter and lovely wife to keep me company. And we are guided by my folks.
Required Reading
Some good online resources are, One could pick a copy of Software Testing by ron patton for starters and gradually move towards quality assurance books. Works of William Edwards Deming and Joseph m. juran would be of immense help.
Degrees that Matter
ISEB for sure helps in strengthening basics. QAI global institute based out of Orlando, Florida offers various certifications in Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance which are highly recommendable.
Most Important Lessons
Patience & Diplomacy are a must in QA & Testing field.The nature of the work is such that, it requires you to probe and find short comings in other peoples work or show them the better way of doing it without offending anyone. You got to make them feel that you’re working with them, Not against them
Changes in the industry
Oh yes, it has evolved on many fronts.Traditionally outsourcing applied to coding activities, now its extended to Test services. With the advent of newer&complex technologies, horizons of Test services have broadened giving rise to specializations in the areas of mobile testing, cloud testing,DWH BI
Currently working at
My current role is QA manager. My work involves managing & mentoring QA & QC teams. As a consultant on process front, I guide management in adhering to compliances and interpretation of metrics
A Fine Balance:
Change is inevitable to the way of life and it’s good. It’s an art to strike the balance between the two. Ultimately everything boils down to prioritizing, focusing and managing. That should save the day.
Role Model
Ratan tata – he says it’s easy to get at the top but, what’s important is, how do you remain at the top. So true. His thought leadership sets him apart from others. Not just that he’s put his thoughts into action, just see where tata enterprises is today.
Essential Advice
Get your basics right and build strong foundation in your area of expertise. Learn and evolve on continuous basis. This will help you to scale up professionally as the years go by.
Areas for the Future
The greener pastures would be in the areas of mobile apps(we are already witnessing this), cloud testing cos most organizations are working towards reducing their spends on operations and support, DWH/BI spends are going up too, so db/etl testing skills would be in high demand
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