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Test Manager
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About Sumanashree B K's family

I am married having one kid staying in joint family with my in-laws.My family is orthodoxial brahmins family.I am born & brought up in Bangalore.My father is retd ITI employee & mother is retd school teacher.One good thing my parents thought me is to handle any situation patiently & find solution.
Points of inflection
Driving the team by winning the confidence is one which I would like to adopt as manager & practising it.There are many instance we learn with everyone we meet in our career everyday.We need to choose the best of it drive of excellence keepin in ming the goals or objectives defined for our job.
A Fine Balance:
Accept the things as it comes is best way to balance the emotion & have control on myself.If we are in situation we are completely blamed or criticised rather than taking it personally we need to find cause behind this problem & resolve it.We will also again confidence & people will also trust us.
Areas for the Future
Here the QA / tester need to understand the application / product he is testing in realtime utility purpose.He/She needs to focus while testing the users who would this application.Also tester should be involved in feasability analysis where they will get come understanding the reason of testing.
Plans for the Future
I would like to grow as delivery manager driving the entire testing practice in an organisation
Current and Previous Responsibilities
In current role ,there is involved in proposal writing , case study.Also I am handling multiple domain projects.In earlier role I was restricted to one domain area.
Currently working at
I am test manager handling multiple testing projects in multiple domains.I am heading the application divsion catering multiple technology division. I am also involved in bussiness proposal discussion
Role Model
My role model is my manager in CTS - Ravi Nalam.I am inspired the way he resolves the conflicts & handles the situation.He makes sure all the members are happy he drives win-win situation.His discipline to work , enthusthism makes all the members to work more to achieve the goals.
Parting thoughts
I would like to say the person who is disciplined , respects his works & respects other jobs will surely be respected.We need to respect every individual in this world as all are unique
Degrees that Matter
Ideally my graduation / certificates has no relation to QA / testing domain. I got this as first job where I developed the interest to work on testing domain. I enjoyed my job & took all the work with full enthu this made me to be still in the industry in growing curve.
Required Reading
There are many websites which provide more information on project related areas.Generally we use google to search any information.We get technical guidelines from wiki sites.Also I study white paper publications & have registered to recieve daily updates in email.I carry PMBOK as guide for Project
Most Important Decisions
The break from Test lead to Test manager is good decision. I could get more insight of multiple areas like process , busssiness development , Recruitment & other
Most Important Lessons
As specified we have learning daily , but the most important thing in proffessional life we learn is Patience in work , creating share & learn environment. This makes person more eager to learn.
Tech trends to watch out for
There technology trends are Cloud based testing , Datacom testing , protocol testing , lifescience applications testing , Oracle ERP testing
Essential Advice
Enjoy the job you work in testing You have more space to learn here as you explore. Work on out box when you are testing which captures realtime defects Make the application more useable to catering person who would use it. Donn involve in fire fight with development , work towards feasability.
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