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Sujit Dahibawkar

Sujit Dahibawkar

Senior Software Test Engineer
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About Sujit Dahibawkar's family

Well, I come from a middle-class family. There are 5 members in my family including me. My dad is a retired Electric Technician. My brother works for Wipro as a Technical Consultant while my mother and sister-in-law are Home-makers. I am a QA Professional and we currently reside in Mumbai.
Most Important Decisions
Firstly, after completing my High-school my first aim was to get into technical field which I aspired by getting into a polytechnic school. Engineering was always on the cards then. :-) Once I graduated as an Electronics Engg, I heard about Software Testing so decided to go for it.
Role Model
I have got 2 role models. One is Mr. A.P.J Kalam as he dreams of India being a super-power one day and I too feel so. The only thing we have to work towards it. Also Mother Teressa as she beleives in giving back to the society. Whatever we achieve in life we must do somthing fruitful for society.
Required Reading
Note: No book, magazine or website can teach you the technicalities of Testing. Books include: 1) "Effective Methods of Software Testing by Perry, John Wiley. 2) "Software Testing by O'Reille. Magazines include: 1) Tea-Time with Testers 2) Testing Experience Websites include: 1)
Points of inflection
While I was working for a firm as a Manual Performance Tester I felt a liking towards Performance Testing. This helped to implement my extra effors which ultimately paid-off when I was recommended by my Manager to other peers.
Essential Advice
Greatest myth today is Testing requires no brains. To be a hardcore tester you have to start from scratch. It is highly unlikely that you would be deployed into automation/performance activity directly. You ought to start as a beta tester, learn all practicalities, develop your instincts and be +ve.
A Fine Balance:
It is just those intial years where you need to toil hard. After all to gain something you need to lose something which is a way of life. An initial investment in terms of time which will owe you fruitful results. Once you are ready to deal with it smartly work life balance will never be an issue.
Parting thoughts
Follow your passions, your hobbies apart from your professional career. The reason I am saying this is, it helps to improve your interests in the things that you do daily. Your 100% is always confirmed. Sometimes testing can be a monotonous job but then every job is routine. You have to live upto it
Currently working at
Currently I am working as a consultant in Mastek Ltd. Basically my role is of a Senior Test Engg handling all the fundamental testing activities right from understanding requirements, writing scenarios to scripting and execution. Also preparing Test plans, estimations, status reports and training.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
My responsibilities include: Understanding requirements, writing scenarios, test Scripts & Test Execution. Preparing Test plans, Test Estimates, Daily Status Reports. Reviewing test scripts of team members, Training them on current technology. Co-ordinating with onsite team members.
The Journey So Far
It is quite interesting. I started of as a Beta tester in mobile game industry. Then I moved on to Mobile application testing while being in the same industry. Then I worked in Performance testing on Insurance domain. Currently I am working in Manual Testing on Health-Care domain.
Areas for the Future
I personally feel the future lies in Testing of Cloud applications as well as automation testing of Mobile apps. The most important factor that comes in picture while testing cloud applications is the Security aspect. Hence Security testing and performance testing on such apps has some weight.
Tech trends to watch out for
As I said, Cloud Computing is the next technology. Hence all those applications that run on a cloud will require special and effective solutions for smooth deployment of those on a cloud server. The applications Performance & Security will matter which would be targetted by performance/Security test
Changes in the industry
After the dotcom boom in 2000 nobody ever thought testing would require professionals on such a large scale. This need has increased over the years and does not resemble that it is going to recede anytime soon. Earlier testing focussed only on Web/desktop apps but now mobile apps is the future.
Plans for the Future
I see myself at a Test Lead position or SSME few years down the line.
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