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Srinivas Rao Bandaru

Srinivas Rao Bandaru

Electrical Engg at Statron
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QA - Expert
Srinivas Rao Bandaru's Experience
Product And Technical Support Engg
Statron, Hyderabad, INDIA
Srinivas Rao Bandaru's Education
National Institute of Technology(NIT) Warangal
Most Important Lessons
1) I able to feel the system (UPS, Battery chargers , Inverter ) what i have learned in College 2) Jobs test our patience and i have been successful in it 3) I have been Successful in learning hoe to handle the technical and non-technical Sector persons 4) Respecting technology and its advantages
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Difference between a student and the professional use to read and understand but not am able to know the difficulties in converting theoretical into practical
Essential Advice
Definitely its a good job as we can know pros and cons of the product/Systems while testing.
Plans for the Future
Definitely at higher Knowledge level than now . As I am at starting of my career I would love to learn and implement my ideas in the way of company's growth and buiding my career.
A Fine Balance:
I give important to social life as much as I give to work . I don't Mix things which unnecessarily creates problem to our growth personally or company wise.
Changes in the industry
Day by day we get new challenges in our testing and many new concepts to learn .
Currently working at
Presently working as Electrical Engineer at Statron India private Limited. I spend most of my time with the products and their technical complication. we Work as time with Multitasking features ( R & D , Testing , Project management , Supporting Sales , training GETs ..etc)
Points of inflection
Firstly My M,tech at NITW gave me a drastic change towards understanding and way of understanding . Secondly My time in sales gave me and our company a immense growth. Thirdly My travel to Switzerland (Head Quarters ) gave me a chance to learn more about the Products
Parting thoughts
Simple Word I Believe " if You want to be a good professional your Career should be in such a way that it should test you and your skills every minute and every day at your work"
Degrees that Matter
Sorry I don't have any certifications
Most Important Decisions
Only change I feel to have is change in approach towards the technology and the utilization
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