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Srikanth Mullam

Srikanth Mullam

Software Professional
Spadeworx Software Services
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Srikanth Mullam's Experience
Team Lead/ Tech Lead
Spadeworx Software Services, Pune, INDIA
Testing Engnr
Tela Sourcing India Ltd, Pune, INDIA
Srikanth Mullam's Education
J.N.T.U of Engineering Hyderabad
St.Jhons public school

About Srikanth Mullam's family

Belongs to a neue family, consists of me and my mother & i have lost my father in an Accident 12 years ago,
Points of inflection
After my father sudden death i used to work as a part timer in some of the organization along with my studies & My small small experiances in those organization had made me think big & made me more focus on my attention to reach my goal in my succefually carrier.
Currently working at
Currently Job profile is filled with challenges (Up's & Down's: As every field of job has) Much over the responsibility in professional carrier. As handling a team of members is a similar responsbility as handling your own children / kids.
Degrees that Matter
Achived 1st level of ISTQB Certification & Online certification from "Testing Sences". Recommendation: If a person is willing to continue his carrier in Manual then go for "ISTQB" atleast 1st level & If willing to make a carrer in Automation then "HP Certified" & Open source certification "Selenium"
Changes in the industry
A drastic change with new innovation taking in place. first started with phases with Smoke and sanity & later moved a head with Functional & System & 2nd phase in to Automation supporting with many languages & now moving to Open sourced Automation tools
Most Important Lessons
Dealing with Clients & making them happy( After all revenue is from client). Good Team handling & beeing deplomatic. At times make some quick & Important decission
Required Reading
Some Web sites or forums: & (For Manual) & & (For automation)
Tech trends to watch out for
2 Things here we ned to focus on 1st Changes and development accross all Domains (Banking, finance, telecom or any service base domain) here technology trends are changing as per the customer requirnments & 2nd innoavation in Testing platform it self i.e. Manual-->Automation-->Open source Automation
Most Important Decisions
1st Choosing the correct Industries & Techonology (In which i am passiant) 2nd motivationg myself to adopt to the latest changing trends in testing techonologies
Areas for the Future
Working with scenarios bases Test Automation Scripts & more in to Load, security & Vulnerability Testing & Testers turning as Developers..
Role Model
My Mother, After my father sudden death she had handled me and the family responsibilities. As i have learnt from her is "Handling suituations", "Dealing with different kind of people", "Leadership Skills", "Communication Skills", "Problem Solving Skills" & "Analysing skills" & "Be Confident"
Plans for the Future
Achiving my goal to move to a VP level for a Company & setting my own Buniness in Global market & Obtaining the most prominent position in India & Accross the globe
Essential Advice
Identify his/her own Strong point & develop Adaptation skills to move forward along with the changing world and Think different in innovation ways.
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