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Sridhar Pathamadai Sankar

Sridhar Pathamadai Sankar

IT Consultant
HCL Technologies
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Sridhar Pathamadai Sankar's Experience
Software Developer
HCL Technologies, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Software Developer
Lead IT Solutions, Bangalore, INDIA
Business/ EDP Analyst
Britannia Industries (C & F agent), Madurai, INDIA

About Sridhar Pathamadai Sankar's family

I have two elder brothers and one elder sister. My father is a retired Accountant, mother is a homemaker. I am the first graduate in my family as well as being abroad now. I belong to a moderate family in economical wise.
Essential Advice
As a developer it is very hard to understand a tester's mind. Rather than highlighting (literally complaining) the mistakes that developers normally do, they have to be in a position to summarize the loopholes and giving a whole picture of the tested subject would be helpful for the developer.
Currently working at
Mine is a Development and support project with a leading Bank in Malaysia and I am working as a Middle level developer handling one part of Loans systems. This module is said to be very complicated with different workflows and till now managed successfully and trained almost 95% of the product
Points of inflection
Of course the technologies, that I worked would be the first in terms of inflection since, it changed my career very often as I chose and adapted myself to the almost all sorts technologies that I worked on which I jumped to new company with the technology I learnt in my previous company.
The Journey So Far
So far, fortunately I worked in Banking and Finance domain overall which gave an idea about those systems and could be helpful for deriving a new systems as an architect in the future. Data analyzing, data modeling and data structuring are primary functions in my career journey.
Changes in the industry
Since impact analysis period got reduced, the testers got so many work to fix them. Moreover so many deadlines made the testers to complaint the developers instead of suggesting them. Finally, industry is finding the holes and patching them and the patches make holes still.
A Fine Balance:
I never convince myself on over working. In fact, I know it will ruin me. I occasionally take leave on Monday (may be any day of a week) and work on 4 days a week peacefully making least possible errors instead of working 5 days a week making even syntactical errors even.
Most Important Lessons
Team working. Not just the word ofcourse. I learnt the team management not from the point of a TL but in the point of a Junior and middle level developer. I never hesitated to ask my doubts with my colleagues and not all the times but, in the critical moments I never let the team work go down.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Now, I am in a position to stand by and plan my works to complete it with no time. I thank to my previous experiences which taught me in practical and not just like a spoon feeding. It helped me to keep moving even I worked on other domains too.
Plans for the Future
A team leader with Improved psychological approach to my team members, well balanced support between my higher persons and my team members, not just understanding myself and make others to understand the value of the time given to design a flawless system as much as possible.
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