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Siddharth Krish

Siddharth Krish

Founder, Huckleberry and ChaltiGaadi
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Done Differently:
I might have worked at making my first company a bigger success. I started it when I was only 14 or 15 and the importance of what I was doing was kind of lost on me. Besides that I think I've learnt a lot from all the places I've worked at. I would also negotiate my salaries better :)
Degrees That Matter:
Having knowledge of what you're doing is important, there's no substitute to a proper apprenticeship. Definitely get that apprenticeship in the field you want to work in and try and make sure your basics are spot on. The CS degree worked great for me but my real knowledge came from working.
Career Profile:
With Huckleberry, I'm now responsible for business development. In the past I've mainly focused on operations and making sure things work on a everyday basis. With ChaltiGaadi I'm doing some initial prototyping, hiring and everything that's required to start a new company.
The Decisions That Matter
I suppose its to leave my previous job with an investment bank and a reasonably comfortable salary and start a couple of companies. Starting a company is always difficult & requires a 110% of your time. Also, joining a company and working for someone else early on was important to get the experience
The Journey So Far:
I started as an intern in 2001 with Infy and over the years have worked for a couple of other companies, finally as a VP in technology for an investment bank. It's been crucial to my current outlook and values. Its given me experience that I don't think I would have had if I didn't work for them.
Working Life Management:
Being a founder of young startups, there's no real work life balance. You have to do everything and at anytime. I do however like to escape for a day or two to a coffee estate from where we get coffee.
Growth Strategy:
I'm always on the lookout for people I can learn from, in the case of Huckleberry, there are restaurateurs who guide me all the time and with ChaltiGaadi we're looking for advisers who can educate us. I'm also learning to deal with different types of people much more these days.
Required Reading:
definitely have books about the basics no matter what the industry check out The Simple Truth About Your Business by Alex Brennan & Larry Taylor as a technologist, techcrunch is a site you must always have bookmarked
Advice For New Professionals:
work hard and take every opportunity you get, there is absolutely no substitute to the experience you'll receive. also, don't be afraid of asking questions, no matter what they are. Often, asking questions will get you noticed and put you in the limelight when its time for a promotion.
Plans For The Future:
At the front of a successful company that puts customers first. If I can have my company run smoothly everyday, I'll be very happy. I want to grow the people in an organization that are working towards the same vision that I have.
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