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Currently I am working as Principal Analyst and Technical Manager. Responsible to introduce and implement new process for company's customer support and product enhance department. Assisting various big retailers to manage their Warehouse operation who are using our supply chain product.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
In current role I am working to streamline the current process of Dept along with product development and support. In my earlier profile ,I was owning big portfolio and working more on budgeting side. But I manage to fulfill my commitment to do write code everyday along with management role.
A Fine Balance:
Its all about time management. I never worked till late evening and I think daily eight working hours are enough to manage your office work. Its all about prioritization of work.I always give preference to my family and friends over my work. However I never allowed to things get conflicted.
The Journey So Far
In initial of my career,I started with working in very small organizations then gradually moved to serving big brand like GE,Tech Mahindra, AT&T and Fedex.I moved to USA two year back to getting more global exposer.Here I did my PMP and ITIL certifications and published my paper in PMI.
Points of inflection
Obviously the first job is always great opportunity but joining GE Research center gave big boost to my career.After that I got series of opportunity. At one instance I got opportunity to work in UK but I prepared to move USA due to versatility of opportunity.
Most Important Decisions
Decision really matter and in my career I made important decision to always move on. The first one to join GE and the second one choose Tech Mahindra over IBM where i got lots of good opportunity. Later Pursuing PMP certification really give me confidence and boost to my career.
Changes in the industry
In starting of my career,I saw companies was following waterfall model and V881984V model where testing has significant role.Now this is era of Agile where testing is getting less role in SDLC due to tough competition of launching product in market early. I should say "Manual Testing will be dead so
Plans for the Future
I see myself managing big portfolio and putting my organization in new direction of innovation and stability.Apart from project management I always love to engage myself in technical stuff and doing core technofunctional role.
Most Important Lessons
Believe in your self and execute what you say. Only doing big talk will spoil your image. Your words should reflect in your work. The other thing always think out of box and try hard to achieve that. Work to live , not live to work.
Essential Advice
As i mentioned this is the Agile age so it better to develop yourself in automation testing as we don't have time to do whole manual testing.Learning various automation scripts will definitely give sure shot career in testing world.
Required Reading
As a quality professional , you can visit my blog and go for ISTQB and CSTE certification will really help to understand and boost up your career . Try to get hands-on in Quality Center tool and QTP.
Role Model
Every one is different in their way. I see myself only as my role model. I can only better decide about my career and life. I never like to put comparison between people. Asking Fish to climb tree is stupidity.
Degrees that Matter
I will recommend ISTQB and CSTE certification. IF you want to develop your self as a quality profession then go for Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt.
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