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Sandeep Belliappa

Sandeep Belliappa

Sr QA Engr at Mindteck Inc USA
MIndteck Inc. USA
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Sandeep Belliappa's Experience
Sr QA Engineer
MIndteck Inc. USA, Sunnyvale, US
QA Engineer
Mindteck India (pvt) ltd, Bangalore, INDIA
MTS - Firmware
Genesis Microchip Inc., Bangalore, INDIA
Sandeep Belliappa's Education
PG Diploma
United Technologies
MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore
VVET polytechnic
Plans for the Future
I'm personally oriented towards technology and see myself to grow in the technical stream more than people management as a short term goal.
Most Important Decisions
1. Root down in a project and gain expertise and be proficient. 2. Avoid changing jobs frequently.
Role Model
My role model is my father. He's taught me the essence of discipline, decision making, meaning of integrity and dignity. I always try to implement all he's taught me as much as possible and been successful and I'll continue doing so all my life.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Test design and planning, risk management, test automation, technical guidance to the team, work on customer critical issues.
Currently working at
1. Efficiently perform verification and validation of the products that are tested for QA. 2. Guide the team towards being productive and technically sound thus aiming at Quality.
A Fine Balance:
"Time management" : Always have in mind that you have 8 hours of office time to complete the work efficiently with quality. So, plan the tasks by order or by criticality or priority which ever is applicable on a given day. Try not to take work back home.
The Journey So Far
After my graduation, I started working in a call center for a year on night shifts and in parallel studying PG diploma in a regular day college with an average sleep time of 3 hours a day for a year. Upon completion of the PG course, started as Firmware Engineer and currently as a Sr QA Engineer.
Changes in the industry
The most noticeable change in QA industry has been the growing demand for 'Automation' compared to early 2000. New test tools and technologies are on the rise. The development of sophisticated test data management tools has eased up the effort in tracking test metrics and data management.
Essential Advice
1. Know your technical & analytical strengths and ability 2. Avoid mind blocks and be open to numerous technology domains that are out there than being firm on one. 3. Research/discuss about the career you choose with people already in such career paths. 4. Have both short term and long term goals
Points of inflection
Decision to move abroad.
Degrees that Matter
A software testing certification from a reputed institute will help to kick start the testing career. Then work towards the ISTQB certification which is honored by all companies. Also,specialized courses/training pertaining to the technology that your career demands,Eg: For Networking: CCNA,CCNP etc
Tech trends to watch out for
Developments in storage devices, cloud, networking devices, automation tools and most importantly, the market demands. This helps me make my career decisions in terms of technology focus, employment etc.
Most Important Lessons
1. Work hard and be smart 2. Be honest, considerate, respect your colleagues. 3. Be open to challenges. 4. Never mix personal and professional life. 5. Avoid doing mistakes by knowing what/why you are doing the task before starting the task.
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