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About Sam Seshadri's family

Third Child (Brother - Sister - me) in a proud middle-class family. Dad was engrossed as Maths Prof @ AVC College, Mayuram, T Nadu state India. Mother taught me life lessons early. 8th Grader, wedded at 16 & stayed as a responsible housewife, with no love, food, money shortage ! 1 ea WIfe & Daughter
Most Important Lessons
1) Do the best & the very best will come back (2) Be passionate (3) Deal with people Emphatically (4) Have a compelling vision & Clear road-map for next 6 months (5) Self assess once a year to know WHAT we are not good at (6) You get to live once only, so make the most of each day. (7) Seek mentors
Role Model
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, whom I have met THRICE - twice when he was the President of India and once after his term. He had a vision, overcame every challenge with a sense of responsibility & continues his good work thro active engagement with People, most are Children. He preaches only those he practices
A Fine Balance:
I rarely think on such topics. If you have balance in life, work & life get integrated. Once your near & dear ones understand our vision, they support in all ways. I am fortunate that my wife & daughter back my plans. We can truly work (thinking) when you are relaxing with them or doing home chores.
Points of inflection
1) Deciding to take a Job within Hewlett Packard, that everyone else thought was dumb 2) Deciding to stay in HP India (1990-98) amidst many Global relocation opportunities & them move 3) Daring to make many decision with limited or no prior work knowledge, when most informed executives were afraid
Most Important Decisions
1) Switch to "Growth" jobs 2) Pursue diverse roles within the company itself, than look outside. 3) Staying with a Fortune 100 Company for 16 years 4) Relocating to Singapore in 1998 & choosing Agilent (USD 9 Bn Startup) in 1999 when most preferred to stay at HP 5) Deciding to call it Quits in 2006
Essential Advice
1) Domains have limited significance now, so treat QA/Testing as an entry for other IT domains. 2) Definition for Quality is ever changing, Control has become Assurance now. 3) Testing is a GROWTH area across most domains 3) Have Self audit checks for your work with an external eye perspective
Parting thoughts
1) I feel each of us must be a Change Champion, so we embrace changes that come our way - Intended or sudden 2) Move from Conscious Incompetence to unconscious competence quickly 3) Network actively - Meet atleast 2 NEW "Catalyst" people each week 4) Self praise as needed. Celebrate on key occasions
Plans for the Future
Leading GREEN & Emerging Growth areas in Technology focused on Supply Chain
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