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Renjith Ponnappan

Renjith Ponnappan

Project Manager (Intern) @ Lighthouse
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Renjith Ponnappan's Experience
Project Manager (Intern)
Lighthouse, Paris, France
Summer Intern
Diageo India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, INDIA
Software Developer
Ittiam systems Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, INDIA
Renjith Ponnappan's Education
R V College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka
IIM A - Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
ESSEC Business School

About Renjith Ponnappan's family

Born and brought up in a middle class family in bangalore with younger brother and parents.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
I manage marketing and branding project for luxury firms currently
Areas for the Future
QA testing only evolves over time and fixing on any software that does not have an upgradability option is never going to work in the future. As more and more companies try to be complaint, much stricter norms will used. Companies would also try to put in its own criteria for differentiation
The Journey So Far
My career has been good. Studied electronics & communication, got into a hardcore electronics and communication industry; Worked there for 4 years and when i wanted to make a change got into a business school to study marketing & branding
A Fine Balance:
I believe that if you want to find time for things you want to do then you will definitely find the time. I work hard during office hours and also see to it that people who require my time are not devoid of it
Required Reading
Sorry, Am not updated with the current books, websites and publications. I do believe that getting to the root cause of the problem solves most of the issues. Most of the time we end up solving the symptoms and not the disease itself
Plans for the Future
I see myself as a brand manager or a marketing manager in an emerging company
Role Model
Dr Kalam has been my role model from my childhood and luckily/unluckily the scenario has not changed much since then. The reason for him being the role model is due to his focus and dedication towards his work and yet the simplicity that he stands for
Most Important Decisions
When i got out my engineering, i had the option to join either a services firm or a hardcore E&C firm. Even though the salary promised by the former was a bit better but decided to join the E&C firm since i felt that i would be doing justice to what i have studied
Points of inflection
One of my projects got selected for the ARM developers conference.
Most Important Lessons
Knowledge which bolt to replace is more important than how to replace the bolt
Parting thoughts
Tech trends to watch out for
Have been looking into the technology perspective through consumer electronics good industry. The trends of consumers accepting thinner and compact devices, the hardware associated with it and testing scenario are worth following. From a career stand point these changes & important decision drivers
Changes in the industry
Not much
Degrees that Matter
No, i don't have any certification
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