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I belong to a middle class family from Aligarh. My father has retirred from UP Financial Corporation. My mother is a house wife. My elder brother is working as Manager with an International Insurance Broakrage Firm. My younger Brother is an Electrical Engineer.
Degrees that Matter
I haven't done any certification till now. But personally i feel QA is not something where you can get help from a full time course or certification. It more about knowledge of the domain and a resposible behavior towards your work, which we get with experiance.
Essential Advice
If you love to gether knowledge, QA is your career. You should be willing to be a champion of the domain, as this career isn't affective or even interesting without good knowledge of the domain.
Most Important Lessons
Attitude is very important. Even if there is something, you feel needs a change, you gotta be highly positive while communicating it with your seniors. Your positive attitude will take you higher in your career.
Tech trends to watch out for
What i see today, is that, not many new technologies are being adopted by the industry. We are making new products on old technologies, with a few new features. So if you get to work on a new technology, which looks promissing even a bit, grab it.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Presently I am undertaking DigRF QA, which is a new technology for me. Earlier I was working on Ethernet. Also in my current profile I have QA planning to do, which was earlier restricted to execution.
The Journey So Far
From college I joined Tejas Network as Network Equipment QA Engineer. I worked there for 3 years, mostly in SDH, SONET and Ethernet. Also got opportunity to file 4 Patents for the company. Then I joined Ciena Network, but worked there for only 4 months. Presently I am working with Logic-Fruit.
Plans for the Future
Presently I am working as a Protocol QA. Logic-Fruit deals in FPGA development where they have DigRF products, which is my current QA project. In future I am planning to ramp up in FPGA development and join the development team.
Areas for the Future
In my experiance Ethernet is a technology which is here to stay for long. We might get different flavours of it but the basic will stay the same.
Changes in the industry
In last 4 years, it has tried its best to move towards Automation. As I said, we are not adopting new technologies, so Aotumation is something which will save lot of money for companies, because the new products have the same technologies as previous. Also TCL has been the most widely used language.
A Fine Balance:
I don't think, i have been able to manage. Mostly work gets a priority because of dead lines. But keep planning and I would strongly recommend everybody, if possible maintain a good balance between work and life. Also in Logic-Fruit, i don't see too much of work load, so i am quite hopful about it.
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