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Prince Dapo  S L Adesida

Prince Dapo S L Adesida

HIPEN OMAN Nigeria Limited
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Prince Dapo S L Adesida's Experience
CEO/ MD/ Director
HIPEN OMAN Nigeria Limited, Nigeria
Prince Dapo S L Adesida's Education
Center for Jatropha & Biodiesel
Nigeria Institute of Sales Management
Kwara College of Technology Ilorin, (Part Time Course)Nigeria

About Prince Dapo S L Adesida's family

I am the first born of my parents both of them ( father & mother ) are from the Ruling houses of their respective kingdom. I was on February 12, 1959 and educated from Primary school level to tertiary level I have a Higher Nat. Dip.(Bus.Admin) and also Fellow, Nigerian Institute of Sales Management.
Tech trends to watch out for
It is only that I am not really surprised about the QA technology trends if I can get correctly what you meant because of the rising technology feat India is attaining which is the real thing that gives me courage to assume that Nigeria can also be better technology wise if we are serious.
Most Important Lessons
I have learnt to be focused and more steadfast on my commitments.
Points of inflection
I have never taken any employment as a salary earner till today. I started petty trading during my secondary school life because my mother have been a big textile merchant and gold trader thaat inspired my business life. I have tasted some business trades before my appointment as Special Assistant
Role Model
My father. He was trained as and Engineer-Technician. He made me to understand that one should be straight forward and honest in what ever one is doing. he made also to know it is better to be business professional to serve himself.
Changes in the industry
I have not really taken note, please. This is my first experience.
Areas for the Future
I have really no answer for that, please.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
As the only Special Assistant to National President of All Farmers Association of Nigeria -AFAN (Apex and Umbrella body for Commodity and farmers association in Nigeria). It is a Farmers political appointment which gives me the responsibilities to assist / advise him in his official assignments
Parting thoughts
Yes, I did not finish my answer to previous questions. 1. That India was 12-13 years ahead of Nigeria to attain its self rule from Britain but it sad to note that Nigeria is almost 25 years behind India in Technology advancement. 2.The appointment though a task but allows me to attend to my business
Most Important Decisions
Since inception of our association,I decided to come up with a programme under which projects are lined up for execution 881984 to be driven by the private sector).The projects cuts across Power Generation,Fertilizer Production,Development of Farmers Bank 881984 Human capital,Poverty Alleviation 881984 Empowerment
Degrees that Matter
Would I say only certification or degree. but I would prefer to mention basic literacy, intelligence, exposure and aptitude.
The Journey So Far
I have put in over 30 years as a businessman inclusive this tenure of advising and assisting capacity as Special Assistant to the Head of Nigerian Farmers. I said the appointment is a task because it does not give room for parochialism but wider consultations with highly experienced hands.
Plans for the Future
By the Grace of my Lord Jesus Christ, as an Agricultural and Industrial Entrepreneur.
Required Reading
I have said it all in my previous answer in which I concluded that Aptitude is the thing after literacy and exposure will surely lead any person to excel.
Essential Advice
Sincerely, one should develop if possible his or her aptitude and resilient.
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