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About Pradeep Chennavajhula's family

Belong to a family of educational leaders from Andhra. Father was a double doctrate in Psychology, and Mother was a Doctrate in Literature. They were inspiration to me to educate self, and others as a continued service.
Plans for the Future
Two years from now, I see myself leading a fascinating team of individuals and professionals aspiring making a difference to how education and workforce development are seen in the Asian markets - ETI as being one of the leading Workforce Development organizations in this pursuit.
Role Model
First it would be my father. He has created an example of sustainable ecosystem for encouraging education for all in Andhra Pradesh. His inspiration to create a self-sustaining, and collaborative ecosystem is really a great model with ingredients of design, intelligence, and simplicity.
Areas for the Future
Technologically, the applications would move to Mobile Platform and Internet Platform. Technically, the areas of Performance, Security, and Compatibility would become necessary in addition to functionality. Data warehousing, Business Intelligence will emerge as domains specifically in Testing.
A Fine Balance:
Life and Work do get synonymous in my case. Work is not something that I go to office to do. I manage the time depending on the attention required, and hence there has been never a situation to worry about the need to balance.
Tech trends to watch out for
The line between development and testing will become very fine and highly specialized. It becomes imperative for all individuals to understand both sides of the coin. IN addition the agile brings teams closer and makes them smaller. So interpersonal capabilities, communication become must.
Points of inflection
1994 Joining American Express as a Management Trainee 1996 joining BITS as a Faculty Associate 2001 Joining QAI 2007 Co-founded ETI
Changes in the industry
Tough to summarize in 300 characters. I can write a book on it. Testing has been one of the most dynamic segments in the IT industry. It constitutes all the ingredients of a good Bollywood story. There was melodrama, pain, song & dance, trouble, villains, and all ..!
The Journey So Far
It has been a fascinating journey from the start. Again cannot explain it in 300 characters.
Degrees that Matter
Certifications did help me in the differentiation. And that is where they really stop. A qaulification is acquired more by experience, and exposure and unfortunately, there is no single certification for this. There are many available for getting a differentiation depending on their level.
Most Important Lessons
Many. But the key lessons are quite simple. Lesson 1 - We already know what we need to do. So let us do it. Lesson 2 - Work with people who are smarter than you. Lesson 3 - Have always BHAG goals. Lesson 4 - Ask for advise and help when you want it. Lesson 5 - Keep Ego at Home when you want to work.
Required Reading
TED, Google Tech Talks has been a constant source of inspiration. Glenford Myers, Jerry Weinberg, Tom De Marco, and William Perry have been great authors that I had always read and re-read. There is huge repository that I keep and read.. 300 characters is short for this bible..
Most Important Decisions
Most important has been to work with emerging, growing or newly setup divisions in an organizations; Choosing my boss and team with whom I would like to work. Challenge and road less travelled always excited me.
Currently working at
As a CEO, my job currently is to evangelise and advocate the profession of Software Testing and Quality and help professionals in improving their capability, enabling organizations in increasing their capacity, and engaging the professionals and prospectives through community initiatives.
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